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Mapping the Guitar Fingerboard

Authored by Wayne Stegall

Mapping the Guitar Fingerboard is a unique and concise guide to learning the fingerboard of the guitar. Regular practice will produce instant recall of every note on the guitar fingerboard in all locations of occurrence. No claim is made of trivial learning ease, all worthwhile endeavors require work. Instead, I assert instead that the study material presented is efficient. more....

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Unseen Enemy

An Eyewitness Account of the Betrayal of America

Authored by Stegall

A chance encounter with persons associated with espionage activities make me a target of ongoing covert operations. In the course of doing so, my adversaries stir a maelstrom of trouble seemingly significant to the course of prophecy and to the future of the nation. The truth is stranger than fiction. Very strange!

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If you look past the tug-of-war, you can see them subtly moving toward common goals.
(If you want to know what the pushy-pully is up to, see Power Rules)



God Disclaims Responsibility for Weather.
The Name of Barack  October 31, 2008, Updated January 7, 2009.
The Democratic Coup of 2006  November 3, 2008, Updated Dec 20, 2008.
The Spiritual Battle  November 14, 2008
Power Rules  January 28, 2009
Demolition 911  February 10, 2009.
The Value of Eyewitness Testimony  February 21, 2009.
The Politics of Global Warming  March 28, 2009
A Compelling Argument against Darwinism  April 8, 2009
Is America Destined to Serve Tyranny?  April 17, 2009
The Mystery of Iniquity  May 27, 2009
The Cult of the Nicolaitans  June 21, 2009
Red Meat  July 24, 2009
Covert Assassins  August 25, 2009.  Updated August 26, 2009.
Legalized Witness Tampering  September 3, 2009
Technological Deception  September 28, 2009
Selective Enforcement  November 1, 2009.  Updated November 4, 2009.  Added postscript note 1.
The Practice of Secrecy  November 29, 2009.
Norwegian Spiral  December 10, 2009.  Possible near encounter with astronomical singularity.  Updated February 25, 2012.  Added section on possible seismic effects.  Updated March 9, 2012  Added footnote documenting details of Science channel program cited under Unintended Support by Scientific Media.  Updated  March 11, 2013.  Added recent asteriod flybys and meteor strike of past two months to section "Possible aftereffects."  Update April 24, 2018. 1.1GTon flyby of Asteroid 2018 GE3 on April 15, 2018 shows that the singularity is still throwing rocks.
Minority Tyranny  January 12, 2010.
Critical Thinking Required  March 13, 2010.
Conspiracy of Torts  April 20, 2010.
God Is Right  May 25, 2010.  The lack of wisdom is destructive to society.
E Pluribus Finem?  July 3, 2010.  A lesson for America (and the West) from ancient Babylon.
Persecution in America?  July 31, 2010.  Can the unimaginable happen here?
Rainbow of Dogs  September 1, 2010
Smoke and Mirrors  October 6, 2010.  Updated October 7, 2010.  Corrected dates.
Graft Must Go  November 8, 2010.
Alinsky and Lucifer  December 3, 2010.
Playing God  January 14, 2011.  The dangers of biotechnology.  Updated February 7, 2012.  Added testimony of a Pterodactyl prank.
Disinformation  February 4, 2011.  Believe, but don't believe everything!
Fallen Already?  March 4, 2011.
Political Landscaping  April 9, 2011.  Who is paving our future and where are we headed?
Delayed Justice  May 12, 2011.
Political Lovers  June 3, 2011.
Unreasonable Doubt  July 7, 2011.

The Atheism Paradox  August 15, 2011.

Beware the Flat Earthers  September 14, 2011.
Pandora's Box  November 30, 2011.  Updated November 4, 2013.  Corrected misdirected link from political home page.
Who's Tracking You?  December 29, 2011.  The misuse of tracking implants.
Caught in a Web  January 19, 2012.  Covert manipulation of the internet.
New Wine  February 3, 2012
Earth Music  February 25, 2012.  What are the strange sounds heard around the world?  Updated September 9, 2013.  Discovery that this phenomena was occurring again led to repair of a YouTube link and the addition of a recent video.  Updated Septempber 10, 2013.  Corrected multiple problems with apparently broken youtube links and embeds.
Insidious Words  April 4, 2012.
The 90/10 Rule  May 18, 2012.  The real significance of the divide between the rich and the poor.
Perverse Rage  June 27, 2012.  Updated  September 16, 2012.  Added postscript detailing harassment by jet fighter following article.
I Am an Island  Along with a few other captives  August 4, 2012.  Updated August 28, 2012.   Corrected a misspelling and added postscript.
The Natural Economy  September 19, 2012.
Strange Ideas  October 9, 2012.  Marxist political ideology poses to ruin our nation.
Lies and Scapegoats  November 2, 2012.  Updated
November 3, 2012.  Added links to footnoted references.
The Executive Machine  December 6, 2012.
Pagan Nation  January 24, 2013.
Espionage and Blackmail  March 7, 2013.
Feared Words  March 13, 2013.
Dicing Words  March 27, 2013.  Updated March 28, 2013. 
Added a new sentence to add more logical support to premise then a definition of Liberal Universalism at the end.
Lost Children  May 11, 2013.
If Everyone Was LIstening  June 26, 2013.  Updated July 9, 2013.  Added postscript illustrating how such laws are created.
Patrons and Patriots  August 1, 2013.  Updated August 1, 2013.  Added example of Gore Vidal to show sin-activist use of the civil rights movment.
What Freedom?  September 20, 2013.
Shutdown Gambit  October 2, 2013.
Clinton's Obsession  October 16, 2013.  Updated November 19, 2013.  Added postscript The Empire Strikes Back.
Above the Law  November 21, 2013.
Try Celibacy  January 21, 2014.
The Fall of America, as We Know it  February 22, 2014.
(Un)deleted Files  April 16, 2014.  Your deleted files linger
Where's Larry?  May 12, 2014.  Larry Nicols has been silent since he confessed to be the Clintons' hit man.  Updated September 13, 2016.  Contracted all occurrences of the word that some might think should be censored.
Travesty of Justice  June 2, 2014.  The Malicious Prosecution of Bob McDonnell.  Updated July 31, 2014.  Added update pertaining to an attempt to contact Bob McDonnell's lawyers..
Border Invasion  July 18, 2014.  The hidden agenda behind the border crisis.
No Code  October 3, 2014.  Was Chris Stevens set up to die?  Updated October 9, 2014.  Added reference to stand down order given to stop attempted rescue.  Corrected some grammar.  Updated October 10, 2014.  Improved the analysis at the end to better show Hillary Clinton's motive.
Election Science  October 29, 2014.  Engineering the outcome of an election.  Updated
October 29, 2014.  Expanded the argument to add clarity.
Obama the Fox  January 27, 2015.  Barack Obama's hidden globalist agenda.
Silence of the Lambs  March 13, 2015.  How the ruthless have made Christianity their scapegoat.
The War against God  May 6, 2015.  How the God and the Church have been scapegoated by the rise of paganism.
Slave Rule  July 10, 2015.
Hard Ball  July 18, 2015.
  What my enemies most want to hide from you.  Updated August 23, 2015.  Added disclaimer about the telling of deceiving a criminal.
Smoke Signals  September 12, 2015.  Possible contact from the Clintons'.
Electronic Voice Phenomena  October 13, 2015.  Modern technology enables the Devil to speak.  Updated October 14, 2015.  Added postscript Relevance to Prophecy.  Updated October 15, 2015.  Added text giving evidence that EVP could interfere with law enforcement surveillance.
Explosive Politics  October 31, 2015.  I logically connect explosion near my house to Clinton politics.  Updated November 4, 2015. Added recent Hillary gaffe as suggestive of these or other crimes.
Politics of Extortion  December 19, 2015.  Why have the Republicans surrendered to Obama?
Return to Sender  February 1, 2016.  Returned letter is consistent with my inability to contact help.
Is Scalia a Martyr?  February 18, 2016.  A logical case for the autopsy of Antonin Scalia.  Updated February 20, 2016.  Added section Afterthoughts at the end to properly convey the suspicions that remain.
Salt Required  February 22, 2016.  The real reason conservatives are losing the battle for America.  February 23, 2016.  Added wording to clarifiy the idea that some operate the wrath of God.
Shepherd's Heart 
February 29, 2016.  I nominate Jesus for President.
This Circus is Rigged  March 4, 2016.  Hillary's plot to steal the election.
The Plot Thickens  June 11, 2016.  Possible extortion of Justice Kennedy makes Scalia's death more suspect.
Pinned Down  August 5, 2016.  Or my experience with FloydFest.
Stand Fast  August 11, 2016
Tony Soprano for President  September 23, 2016.  Is it possible that America could elect a criminal for President?
Witchy Weather  October 13, 2016.  Eyewitness testimony suggests weather manipulation.
Orbit  October 21, 2016.  An atonishing excerpt from my book shows my enemies' ruthlessness.  Updated October 26, 2016.  Added a new paragraph at the end of the article entitled Other Witnesses perhaps as astonishing at the original article itself.
Cabal  November 1, 2016.  Plot to destroy me in 1994 raises questions concerning Clinton's involvement.
False Flag  December 15, 2016.  Accusations of Russian hacking are only cover for the censorship of political free speech and an ongoing attempt to steal the election.
Insurrection  April 1, 2017.
Smoking Gun  April 18, 2017.  New evidence of witness tampering.
Separation of Ruthlessness 
September 25, 2017.
No Peace  February 19, 2018.
The Unseen War September 7, 2018.
Sayoc Unmasked  November 2, 2018.  Coverup of bomber's Democratic past.  Updated November 5, 2018.  Corrected some misspellings and added section Additional Remarks.
Darkened Hearts  May 6, 2019.  Rationalization poses to harm society.
End Times?  March 19, 2020.  A Brief Explanation Relating Today's Events to Bible Prophecy.
War on the Police  June 28, 2020.
Framed!?  August 27, 2020.  Police are setup by subtlety.
Consequences of Anarchy  December 16, 2020.
Click Your Heels  January 9, 2021.  The election was stolen and you knowit.
Shadow Cabal   February 21, 2021.  Democrats admit conspiracy to steal election.
You Will Be Assimilated  May 1, 2021..
June 1, 2021.
Hacked Spiral  June 14, 2021.  Hacking of controversial article validates it.
What Would Jesus Do?  October 29, 2021.
Pharaoh's Magicians  January 17, 2022.
The Worst Thing I've Ever Done  February 3, 2023.  Created.
Elijah Law  March 2, 2023  Secret law brings summary judgement against supposed end time actors.

Source Texts

Appendix A of the Transcript of the 1977 Senate Mkultra Hearing  July 10, 2009.


Strange Links Page  Updated January 19, 2010.  Discover the strangeness of liberalism for yourself.
The New Clinton Chronicles  May 21, 2010.  A must view for the evaluation of the health of our democracy. 
  Updated May 9, 2014.  Google link no longer sponsered.  Updated to new one.
The Clinton's Sopranos Spoof  May 21, 2010.  Is this an allusion to the Clinton Chronicles?

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