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Separation of Ruthlessness

Maxine Waters once told British Petroleum executives, "We will nationalize your industry."  Even now there is resistance to repealing Obamacare a program probably purposed by its creators to be the first step toward single-payer health care and the effective nationalization of that industry.   Apart from the resemblance to Communism, these pose a danger already written in case law:   sovereign immunity.  That is that the Federal government is beyond being sued in civil court for most of its activities and even where exceptions to this rule exist a Federal judge has to rule that a plaintiff has a right to proceed.

Because of this, it appears that many federal misdeeds have gone unpunished.  Consider soldiers placed in front of A-bomb explosions to test the bomb's biological effects during WWII and CIA experiments on unwitting subjects with LSD under the MKULTRA program that ran many years ago.  More recently, VA negligence has precipitated the death of military veterans.  When these things and others like them happen often its seems no one is held accountable.  Even if the Federal government were to fire negligent employees federal union contracts prevent this line of correction.  State governments also have this immunity but to a lesser extent and local governments even less but these pose less concern for being almighty.

By this reasoning if our communists want nationalize industries, they also seek knowing or not to put them above the law.  No more suing the nationalized oil industry or Federal doctors providing single payer health care.if they malpractice.  This type of socialism then poses to erode our rights to redress of grievances:   in the worst case until they are gone.

Therefore It seems that instead of allowing this undemocratic grab for power that functions that can be divested to lower levels of government or better yet to private industry should be.

Repeal Obamacare!

Other observations

  • I had to pay the Obamacare fine even when I felt I could not afford the insurance required.  I wonder if other who paid the fine felt the same dillemma.
  • Jimmy Kimmel's $12 million yearly salary makes his use of his son's illness a propaganda ploy.

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