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The Atheism Paradox

Atheism denies the supernatural as a matter of doctrine.  No God, no devil, no angels.

It is odd that only a declining Christian society could produce such a belief.  Only the elimination of the practice of the occult from society could produce conditions allowing the denial of the supernatural.  The defeat of satan by faithful preaching against occult sin then becomes the pretext to deny all supernatural activity by those minded to do so.

In cultures that have no history of opposing the occult, the constant awareness of the reality of the supernatural prevents anyone from being irreligious.  In the worst of these cultures, people live in oppression arising from shamanistic manipulations.  Strange occurrences abound enough to give rise to tales strange enough to pass for legends.  In Africa, reports of magic wheels that roll through the jungle under their own power are widely believed.  A few years ago, India passed a law criminalizing witchcraft in spite of obvious difficulties in enforcing such a law.  Are their lawmakers superstitious, or actually wiser than their Western counterparts?  Are we even qualified to judge?  Church historian Eusebius, says that it was widely believed that a lamb was born to a cow late in the first century.  In the book of Exodus, Pharaoh's magicians duplicated many of Moses' earlier miracles although they could not excel the Spirit of God in the more difficult ones.  Beware of satan's counterfeits.  Even Paul's preaching converted so many occult practitioners that the bible records:

Many of them also which used curious arts brought their books together, and burned them before all men: and they counted the price of them, and found it fifty thousand pieces of silver.  (Acts 19:19)

Eventually atheism will allow the occult activity whose absence enabled their unbelief simply because they will have to reason that there is no real harm to evil that they do not believe exists.  As a result of the various sin revolutions that occurred in our society in the 1960s, the occult has gained protected First Amendment religious status.  How long will such occult freedom allow atheism to last?  A book published in 1996 about the dangers of witchcraft in our society reported an account of a woman having given birth to a creature best described a a blob devil.  After she tried to kill it and flush it down the toilet, it escaped never to be seen again.

Mere natural logic is contrary to such things and those who only reason naturally deny them.  However, science itself proposes the existence of multiple dimensions beyond those that comprise our universe to explain quandaries that their theories cannot yet explain.  Is it intellectually honest to believe in a multiverse and yet deny an invisible dimension that innumerable people in history have concretely experienced?  And yet there is pause to keep your logic because many matters pertaining to the invisible can be deceptive and dangerous.  Believe and beware!

Atheism will eventually implode, leaving society to choose whom they will serve, God or satan.  Who will they finally choose?  How many will choose the Antichrist, when events led to that choice?

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