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February 3, 2023.  See Document History at end for details.

The Worst Thing I've Ever Done

I went with my family to the petting zoo about 2004.  While there I visited the lion cage which had tigers and lions with only bars and rail for the observers.  Then I went and petted a white tiger cub they had in a low fence.  He was quite strong and knawed my arm as I wrestled him.  After petting the remaining amimals, I returned back to the lion cage.  An unattended little girl was wandering toward the big cats.  I was in such a habit of avoiding children because of Nortel's witchcrafts, I passed on thinking someone else would catch her.  On our leaving,  the zoo employees seemed strangely sad and upset.  Once having made this observation, they could not have been sadder than I.  I was so ashamed that I could not tell anyone.  How horrible.

Today this  rolled through my mind until I wanted to cry.  I certainly could have laid down my fight to help such an innocent.  I had certainly rationalized my enemies guilt to ease my mind.  Guilty I was.  No.excuse, only a tear.


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