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The Unseen War

The media war against Trump seems vicious to many, however there is a more sinister side to it.  Occultists have called a witchcraft attack against Trump as well.  On the eve of every new moon, participants cast a spell on him to bind him.1  If they feel strongly enough to pray monthly, it is a logical that they are doing so on a more constant basis.  This is no small thing, as I myself have experienced pushing back on witchcraft attempting to incite anger.  Consider also that although I am able to resist, many others may not be.  Persons witching this way could create or exacerbate behavior on Trump's part that he is trying to resist.  Quite honestly this is war.

I fact it appears that is has always existed.  It has only heated up recently because of hatred of Trump.   Consider what I read years ago.  A minister on a plane flight sat near a man who seemed to be praying.   When the minister asked the man whether he were a Christian and what he was praying, the man responded that he was a Satanist and that he was praying against Christians.  The following video elaborates on the same testimony.2

This sort of ideological war has a long history.  After the Democrats won the House in 2006, I saw liberal commentators I believe on CNN say something like, "Christians should not hold political power."  They would say so because the political power that unrighteousness had gained in consequence of the countercultural revolution of the 1960's is tightly held:  not to be allowed to return to the hands of the Christian morality that had dominated before.  Then when Martin Bashir famously said that someone should defecate in Sarah Palin's mouth he too shared a feeling that only the liberal elite had a right to rule.  In the following statement, when Sam Donaldson said that  conservatives were a part of a country held in power by his own faction it may have been a matter of tact than any concession of their apparent belief that liberals are the only ones suitable to hold power.3

The greatest slogan that I hated during this last campaign was "We want to take back our country." Guys, it's not your country anymore - it's our country and you're part of it, ...

If they hold to their power entitlement this tightly, how far will they go?  To crime even?  At some point in the past, I connected these conclusions with the apparent attack on my own life and wondered if the televangelism scandal of 1987 could be an deliberate attack on the church.  If so, Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority movement to take back Christian influence in politics and the subsequent election of Ronald Reagan would provoke it.  When I looked into the matter, I found several events credibly suggesting witchcraft attack on parties to the scandal.  First Tammy Faye became ill from a seemingly normal concoction of drugs.  At the peak of this episode she saw an imaginary elephant and mistook a fire hydrant for a little girl.  Then Jerry Falwell's delusion that he could convert PTL for his own use was inconsistent with a reputation of integrity he previously enjoyed and resulted in a close friend thinking it was a delusional change from how he knew him before.  As the trial proceeded, witness Steve Nelson fainted so as to appear dead.  Then a prescription for anti-anxiety medicine paradoxically stressed Jim Bakker until he was found in a fetal position under a piece of furniture.  Then when this resulted in the judge's order to send him to Butner Federal Prison for psychiatric evaluation, the press took pictures of Jim's new derangement and represented them as shame for his crimes.  Even now after these deductions it is odd to pass their programs in the television channel lineup.

Beginning with the first moves of this country away from God, things have gotten progressively worse, with some particular events greatly accelerating our country's downfall.  At this point, the development of the war has made the spirit of antichrist the spirit of the age.

I wonder where we go from here.

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