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Testimony of Tyranny


The test of democracy does not hinge on the good treatment of anonymous citizens, but rather that of dissidents, whistleblowers, or accidental targets.

stealth2June 27, 2006 - journal entry - An aircraft slowly and silently came over the woods from the southeast and dropped a little as it crossed the field toward me.  It had two round openings with vanes and propane blue fire between them which on first sight I thought to be flame throwers then reasoned were the input ducts of jet engines, and a centrally mounted red light.  When it was came to within 20 or 30 feet of me, I heard a quiet turbine sound and then it turned left and disappeared over the woods.  The contrast of the blue and red against the dark sky obscured the unlit craft itself.

This encounter followed after these events:  I gave testimony to my dad of the many ways by which my enemies had tried to frame me.  I told him they would likely try using replicated DNA.  Shortly, A news report that a judge had issued a restraining order against a Raleigh, NC biomedical company intrigued me.

January 30, 2007 - While thinking about the above event, I recalled that the intake fins of a jet engine spin, whereas those of the stealth craft were fixed.  As a result, I believed again my initial impression that the two large ducts were flamethrowers.  I re-examined my journal to verify the above log entry to find it missing.  Fortunately, I remembered it well enough to restore it exactly.  Not only at issue was the excessive force of the threat, but it well possible that this device was used to create the technology-created “fire from heaven” of 1994.  The events depicted by the images below were witnessed by at least four people:  Me, two with me, and at least one by whom rumors were spread.

Two strikes looked like this:

This strike may have been created by rotating the flamethrower nozzle:

I saw many more strikes of the type on the left but brighter briefly sometime in late 2003 or early 2004 in RTP under conditions also suspect of a frame job.  I have marveled that there seemed to be neither forest fire nor rumor of such after these sightings and also that, except for the swirling strike of 1994, all of the strikes had the same shape.  I suspected that a water-metal fire was used.  Potassium is known to burn water.  Other light metals such as aluminum and magnesium could have been used as well.  In such an instance, a stream of water would be poured first, and then a measured amount of metal powder mixed with an organic solvent to prevent premature oxidation would be measured in.  When the metal injection stopped the water stream would extinguish its own flame.  The residue left might baffle an investigator stuck on the idea of an organic fuel fire.  This might also explain why the flamethrower has two outlet nozzles.  A fire based on water might accidentally extinguish the pilot flame in a single nozzle requiring a second nozzle to use while the pilot in the other was reignited.  Just a thought.

September 15, 2009 - I witnessed a low flyover of several jet fighters while outside at night.  The flames from the jet exhaust nozzles were orange in color, brightest in a ring at the nozzles themselves with darker flames trailing behind.  This helps further establish that the blue flame of the flamethrower could not be mistaken for a jet turbine of any normal kind.  Also, I should have expected this result given that jet fuel is similar to kerosene, diesel, and fuel oil.

metalfiregenApril 12, 2012 - The theory of a metal fire flamethrower might have technical difficulties if only the difficult to manage alkali metals are considered.  A much simpler means is shown in the associated diagram.  Aluminum and magnesium burn well under the right circumstances and are much easier to handle.  If a rod of these metals is fed against a grinding wheel in a flow of the water stream the desired fire would be created.  Concealment might be aided by two factors.  First the expected residues are hydroxides of the burnt metals, i.e. Al(OH)3 and  Mg(OH)2.  As these are components of common aluminum-magnesium antiacid pills such as Maalox and Rolaids, the residue left by burning an aluminum-magnesium alloy rod would leave a mundane residue suspect to be benign.  Furthermore, the same mechanism adjusted for a different flow rate of water and fuel could double as a steam generator producing a cloaking cloud in an attempt to evade detection.  If a fleet of cloaked flamethrowers of this type were used, subterfuge could be created to avert any imminent threat of discovery.  It may seem at this point that this line of thought is off track because this device has no need for the blue pilot flames that were observed.  However, hydrogen is liberated by the burning of these metals which the pilot flames may ignite if it does not burn from the heat of the burning metal.  Additionally, many military devices are multipurpose and could plausible require the pilot to light another type of fuel.  For the purposes of extortion, they would have certainly shown the most visible indicators of a real threat that the device could convey.

Proof of Tyranny


The use of invisible technology to harass targets has been practiced for decades.  The careful use of such weapons along with other difficult to prove actions is used to preserve the illusion of democracy while working targets thought to be in the way of undemocratic agendas.  I have considerable reason to believe that I have targeted by these weapons at times.

Because of the controversial nature of such an allegation, I submit only a document obtained by another target from the government itself under the Freedom of Information Act:


Bioeffects of Selected Nonlethal Weapons






This file contains a cover letter from the Army to the FOIA requester followed by the document itself.  The document seems to try to obscure the technology by oversimplified and overcomplicated explanations.

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