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Espionage and Blackmail

Prescript:  Attempts by covert adversaries to bend me to prevent publishing a lengthy audio article was suspect rather to prevent the publishing of a political article like this.  So lets give them first what they most fear.

I remember viewing a television documentary that said that J. Edgar Hoover stayed above the law by spying on everyone who might limit his powers.  Another public revelation also confirms this kind of activity.  A few years ago national news reported that the FBI had taped Martin Luther King Jr. while he had sex with an unnamed woman in the 1960's.  So too, the adversaries I face have spy abilities that make them think they are above the law.  Telecommunications and intelligence operatives, properly connected politicians, and others have the ability to spy and then to allow the possibility of blackmail, whether communicated or not, to keep legal consequences at bay.  Now consider that most of the actors attempting to coverup their crimes against me and those against Durham in the Spring of 1994 have espionage capabilities.  It must be asked whether their ability to blackmail legal opponents by means of spying could be a factor in more than 18 years of criminal concealment, not to mention worse extortions.

If you saw how Barack Obama and his staff watched the assassination of Osama Ben Ladin as it took place, you have also seen how the president can view any adversary from the convenience of the White House whose activities are monitored by any spy agency.  Does Obama spy on me?  When he was unable to contend in his first debate against Romney, I noted that I had just immediately written or started to write the article Perverse Rage.  Would the spying of the writing of a decisive article by a political opponent create such an effect?  Experimentally, I could write another article at an opportune time to find out.  As a result, I began writing the article Pagan Nation during the inauguration.  Although this made me unable to view the inauguration for any signs of distraction, the following log in my journal likely shows that I got a response.

20130124Thu  journal  3:50pm  Buzzed by two four-prop airplanes possibly search and rescue or  military utility craft.  Plausible to attribute to any level of government.  My publishing of a political article may narrow suspects.

Some who support Obama might protest this to be a political maneuver, however the act is innocent and I have a right to discover whether any illegal or unethical espionage is conducted against me.

In order to prevent the apparent widespread espionage that occurs today from tampering legal proceedings, it would be desirable to provide some means to report blackmail without the possibility of allowing its shaming effects to enable its objectives.  Many, like politicians, do not want any part of their private lives made public even if innocent.  Consider how much false shame their would be to those who had the activities of their marriage bed published.

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