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I have had some incidences of communications intercepted:  phone, mail, and suspect email.  One of them began when I was receiving a lot of curiosity calls in the mid '90s.  After a period, the incoming phone calls had a delay in the opening of the voice channel to persons already in coversation or saying "Hello, hello!"  Then these type of calls dimished and went away.  I suppose blocked calls appeared to be just hangups.  The same happened again when I moved from Durham to Meadows of Dan.

The strangest indication of an intercept and its consequence may have happened in 2012.  I paused in browsing TV channels to TBN then there was  30 seconds of Dwight Thompson rebuking someone for not believing in the blood of Jesus.  The clip seemed out of place as if targeting an individual.  I concluded that normal channels to their target were blocked.  Also timing the rebuke required access to espionage (perhaps broadcast by others?)  Given that I have been broadcast against my will in the past and also censored, what to think? Who else would have been put in such a unique situation.

I think it odd too that North Carolina law enforcement authorities have never contacted me regarding articles I have written.

If you suspect possibily of an intercept, contact me by certified mail or even better in person.

Who has rights in this country?

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March 13, 2023.  Added some examples of my experience with intercepted communications.