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I Am an Island

Along with a few other captives

After I left Durham, I felt free from the censorship of that community by which they protected Nortel.  As result I added to a small testimony that I had began in 1996 toward expanding it to a book.  When I had written enough to think to have documented real persecution though I had yet to document the really ruthless things I experienced, I wrote to a Christian law firm in Washington D.C. for help.  As I tracked the progress of my mailing, I got diverted to a different zip code from the one to which I sent it, corresponding to a ruckus in the House of Representatives concerning government reform.  After the letter returned to its original route the matter culminated in the arrest of a CIA agent to which I attribute the cause of the disruption.  As a result, this sealed a continuing observation that the CIA was involved in many of these matters.

Not trusting RTP or Federal authorities, I decided to make some contact with local authorities to begin a communication toward justice.  Shortly after my first contact in late October 2006, instead of hearing from them I heard the following reports:  The local sheriff developed a medical condition then had an adverse reaction to the drugs used in the diagnostic procedure.  Very shortly too, seemingly in November, the sheriff in the neighboring county was arrested on charges of obstructing a Federal investigation pertaining to drug enforcement.  What was I to think?  In the context of ruthless criminal concealment, neither of these events seemed a coincidence.  I had every reason to believe the neighboring sheriff was actually arrested for violating the gag order provision of a National Security Letter, the official story representing what would be publicly reported to cover a secret legal proceeding..  What had they done to the local sheriff?  Although I first speculated him to be the victim of witchcraft, certainly I had been poisoned before in connection with these matters and a binary poison was not even remotely out of thought.  In the simplest case, espionage would have revealed to them what drugs he would take in the hospital.  Then they would administer an otherwise benign compound to react adversely to it.  Although angry that I and others had been wronged again, for the time I allowed the legal end to rest and continued to expand my book.

flamethrowerWhen I deduced that a flamethrower that accosted me in 2006 was likely responsible for the occurrence of fire from heaven locally in 1994, I went to them again to report it.  When I had made further deductions, I went to them again.  Strangely, this different deputy had not heard of the matter, one perhaps too interesting for the previous deputy to have kept to himself.

After a period of time had passed, feeling that in my circumstances I could not take anything for granted, I decided at some point to go to the nearest State Police station to report the flamethrower incident.  The policeman there heard me kindly.  After I told him that this was a serious covert affair, he suggested that I should talk to the Air Force, a move that I thought a conflict of interest.  Meanwhile, on March 25, 2008, I wrote a Senator about my predicament.  As usual, I received no reply.

After considerable time had passed with no news, I went to State Police station again hoping to offer my book as an affidavit of what I wanted to report.  Oddly, those there belittled me as if they did not want to be involved while otherwise giving contradictory signals of interest.  Were they afraid of the Federal bogeyman?  By this time I felt every contact that I made was like new as if no one of them were allowed to communicate what I had told them.

Finally, as a result of studying National Security Letters on the internet, I read a news story that put it all together.  Congress had convened an inquiry into the misuse of NSL letters.  They determined that ten percent of the letters issued by the FBI were inappropriate.  Stranger still, a few Air Force generals were forced to retire.  This connected to my mind with the State policeman's statement that I should talk to the Air Force.  Certainly, I suspected that the Air Force was concealing the matter of the flamethrower assault.  As this inquiry occurred within a month or two after I started my website with a story about the flamethrower, I presume it required internet exposure to finally get this matter noticed.  However, when the visibility of my website diminished after I published my first political article1, I wondered if partisan politics would deter the course of justice.

Even after all of this, I still could not let my adversaries win, so I made an appointment in the fall of 2009 to consult a lawyer.  Naturally, I watched him for signs that he had been tampered with while I conversed with him.  Those observations were basically inconclusive except that he confided that he had just recently had studied a federal law I cited to him concerning espionage.  Even though he gave me good advice to write a legal brief summarizing my complaint, he ended not taking my case. 

In December, I found that former Nortel CEO, John Roth, had applied to the Nortel bankruptcy judge for one billion dollars of lawsuit insurance against the remainder of Nortel's proceeds.  What a slap in the face that the rich could use the system this way when I could not even begin to get justice!  The timing too suggests that espionage of my conversation with the lawyer prompted this event.  Do I have any rights remaining which have not been violated by these people?  Then again a billion dollars of guilt does account for the pain they have caused me and Durham.

With a logical legal brief in hand, I thought I might have a renewed opportunity to persuade someone of my cause.  As a result, I sent my legal brief to the Office of the Attorney General of Virginia on December 16, 2009.  While waiting in vain for a reply, I also sent a brief on January 7, 2010 to a legal firm in Washington DC specializing in federal lawsuits.  The inability to receive signs of justice from anyone left me still frustrated.

Some time later,  I decided to try the local authorities again.  I had some difficulty persuading the first deputy to read my brief.  Meanwhile, I talked to a second deputy.  Curiously, when I asked him if they reluctant to get involved because of Federal jurisdiction, he nodded his head in affirmation.  He went and conversed with the first deputy and came back and asked if they could have more briefs.  He even asked if he could read my book to which I replied that I had keep a safe hard copy to protect against hacking.  For a few following days, other deputies positioned themselves in public when I went out and acted in a friendly way perhaps as if I would give them a brief too.  To my mind, I had to wonder because if the first two deputies were not restrained by some other authority, these would have already had an opportunity to read a copy of the brief for themselves.  To this day, I am still left only with signs of cover up instead of the affirmation of justice that I am due.

Should anyone receive an NSL letter they should note that persons who receive them are entitled to legal counsel.  Therefore if the letter does not specify this right, if it is not communicated orally as Miranda rights are to arrested persons, or if any attempt is made to deter the recipient from using these rights the recipient should consider the letter only an instrument of tyranny, a violation of his rights.

Finally, I was told at the outset that I would be made an island, a declaration of criminal concealment.  It is perhaps odd that apparent devices devised to keep me from knowing public conversations on these issues keep the actual perpetrators fully informed.  What an elaborate scheme to do this in public view and expect it to pass unnoticed.

Who runs this pirate ship?


An odd coincidence in this context occurred a few years back.  A local resident caught a burglary in progress.  When caught, the intruder declared himself an FBI agent and his theft an official activity under warrant.  Oddly, the resident then allowed him to continue to rob the house.  Afterward the offender was arrested.  Is it possible that covert activity was thought so common locally that the offender thought he could get away with such a ruse and the victim think it was actually plausible?  Indeed, if a common thief could pull this stunt, anyone sharing Nortel's guilt perhaps could impersonate the FBI with even more sophistication (or desperation!).  Who else may be suffering silently under an improper National Security Letter?  Weird!

1See article The Name of Barack.

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