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Tony Soprano for President

Is it possible that America could elect a criminal for President?

Wouldn't it be a tragedy if America mistakenly elected a dangerous criminal for president?  It is not impossible.  Perhaps these would even see the highest political office as a place above the law, a refuge from the consequences of their accumulated crimes and even a sheltered place to commit more.

The following is my transcription of The Clinton's Soprano spoof of 2007 taken from a youtube video:1

Hillary walks in and takes a seat at a booth followed shortly by Bill while "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey plays on the jukebox.

Bill:  Anything look good?

Hillary:  They have some great choices.  I ordered for the table.

Bill:  No onion rings?

Hillary:  I'm looking out for you.

Rival gangster Johnny "Sack" Sacramoni looks their way.

Hillary:  Where's Chelsea?

Bill: Parallel parking.

Johnny gets up from his table.

Bill:  Hows the campaign going?

Hillary:  As you say, "focus on the good times."

Johnny gives them an angry glare as he passes their table.

Bill:  So whats the winning song?  My money is on Smash Mouth.

Hillary:  Ready?

A victim of the Clintons or others aware of their alleged criminal past would have no trouble interpreting this skit as insinuating revenge against anyone who spoke against them in that political cycle.  If Hillary is looking out for Bill in this context, she means she is going to protect him from his criminal past.  Then Smash Mouth alerts their adversaries they will be smashed if they speak out.  Although Smash Mouth was a band of some sort, their inclusion may have only been to set up this kind of communication.  The fact that another performer and song Celine Dion and her song "You and I" was chosen for the campaign theme increases the appearance and odds that the mention of Smash Mouth was a gratuitous opportunity to extort their enemies.  So too I noticed that it seemed that none of their adversaries spoke against them  in the subsequent days of the campaign.

Some might counter that the skit was all in fun and that I had no criminal intent.  However, Bill and Hillary have a history that validates the interpretation that they extorting their enemies.  For one the Clinton Chronicles video documents many crimes associated with them.2  Then a number of women have come forward with credible charges of some sexual offense against them by Bill Clinton including but not limited to:  two college students one at Yale and the other at the University of Arkansas, Juanita Broaddrick, Carolyn Moffet, Elizabeth Ward, Paula Corbin Jones, Sandra Allen James, Christy Zercher, and Kathleen Willey.3  If this were not enough, Larry Nichols confessed on September 24, 2013 to be the Clintons' hit man during their time governor of Arkansas.4  His statement that he castrated Wayne Dumond for them is parallel to the discovery upon Wayne's arrest for the rape of Bill Clinton's distant cousin that he had actually been castrated.  The arresting Sheriff however dismissed his claims to have been harmed by the Clintons and insisted that he had done it to himself, something not really plausible.

I also can tell you my experience as well.  Aside from very hard things that were done to me to scapegoat me for my adversaries' crimes and the deduction that Clinton was involved through Nortel's blackmail, I  also witnessed the following events.  In 1996, I ordered the Clinton Chronicles video to see for myself what it was about.  After viewing the tape with my parents, the protective door on the tape broke, and then when I would have transferred the tape to an unused cartridge a screw was mysteriously rusted beyond use preventing me from any further use of the tape.  Then it not too long after wards, I heard Bill Clinton on the radio threatening vengeance on unspecified adversaries.  I tried to reason whether he was speaking to Saddam Hussein but could not validate that conclusion.  It seemed that it was after these events that Jesse Helms stood up in the Senate and said that Bill Clinton shouldn't visit North Carolina because he was not welcome there.  (Research revealed the he also said this at an earlier time.  However he could have said it more than once.)

This peril is obvious to me concerning the Clintons.  However the aversion by much of the voting public to voting for anyone whom they fear will not support their pet evils tends to elect tyranny.

1See video: The Clintons' Sopranos Spoof.
2See video: The New Clinton Chronicles.
3Kosar, "Bombshell Report Details EVERY Clinton Sex Assault Victim," The Political Insider,, link.
4See related article Where's Larry?

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