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Pandora's Box

Near the end of the Second World War, some found themselves in harm's way of radar and heard noises in their heads.  It was deduced from these observations that audio could be transmitted into persons minds in this way, by some form of modulated radio or microwave radiation.  In the early 1960's an attack on the American embassy in Moscow with high power microwave radiation injured embassy personnel.  Whatever development had been  done previously in these matters, the seriousness of these attacks created great concern that the Soviets might be far ahead of American in all these technologies.  CIA research under projects named Pandora and others are alleged to have developed these into useful technologies.

We also have this technology verified from the source.  An Army Intelligence document obtained under the Freedom of Information Act indicates that the ability to project voices into people's heads by means of a technology they called microwave hearing had been well established for years.  Based on the principle of thermoelastic expansion of the brain, microwaves pulses modulated at 2.45GHz are alleged to project the desired audio.

However, their description of the technology leaves questions. 

Plausibly, the head would first act as an antenna.  The actual frequency of operation then would be optimal for a head diameter of one-quarter to one-half of optimal transmission wavelength.  Adult heads seem to be in the range of 7 to 8 inches.  Assuming a range of 6 to 8 inches to include some juvenile heads the frequency range would be 731.25MHz to 975MHz for the half-wavelength assumption and half that range or 365.6MHz to 487.5MHz for a quarter-wavelength assumption.  Aside from questions about the operating frequency range,  the pulse modulation technique described may also be suspect.  The demodulation method specified infers the expansion and contraction of brain tissue due to heating effects which creates sound inside the skull which are normally picked up by the ears.  Based on this description it seems that AM modulation/demodulation would seem to the best transmission method and the most plausible in the context of a long-known technology.  Newer density modulation methods such as pulse-width modulation are more complicated and would not date the technology as old as some of the other statements made would infer.

The presence of the UHF TV band in the range of plausible frequencies might answer a misgiving that may hinder belief in the existence of the technology.  Because although television video is amplitude modulated the audio is frequency modulated.  If the technology were only operated in the UHF television band the accidental hearing of a TV broadcast would not be comprehensible.  Before this argument would arise, the issue that commercial broadcasts are received at levels well below that required to heat the brain for this effect would answer other objections.

Amplitude Modulation (AM)
Top:  Original modulating signal and recovered signal after demodulation.
Bottom:  amplitude-modulated signal showing envelope in red which follows the signal transmitted.

If the substance of this description contains disinformation, it is possible, though less likely, that the general method is misrepresented as well.  It even may be a technological cover for the covert use of the occult; though it is more likely that the documents purpose may have been to explain a technology well enough to get funding without disclosing its details.  Perhaps all we know is that the technology or activity exists.

Finally, remember these device's dangers.

The fact that this technology comes to the target in a way that could be misrepresented as mental-illness brings subterfuge suitable to devious operations:
  • Susceptible individuals can be manipulated on false religious pretexts,
  • Witnesses can be discredited,
  • Extortion can be conducted anonymously
  • Long term harassment of  targets can proceed on the basis of the silence necessary to keep their reputation of sanity.
As a result, the possibility that some may use the existence of this technology as a rationalization for mental-illness should not become a pretext to allow domestic abuse of any such invisible technology.  Neither should national security become that pretext..  Likely international knowledge of this technology among all capable intelligence powers renders pretexts of national security void, because use on domestics is the only secret that would actually be kept.

Stop the tyranny!

1United States Army Intelligence and Security Command, "Bioeffects of Selected Nonlethal weapons," released Dec 13, 2006 under FOIA request.  archive

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