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January 9, 2021.  See Document History at end for details.

Click Your Heels

The election was stolen and you know it.

When I heard at work the day after the election, that a coworker's sister in another state had her vote stolen, I was not surprised.  She had been blocked from voting because someone else had already voted under her name.  Then more news came of numerous voting irregularities.

I also experienced some dark side of this theft.  Every time that I started to write an article about the election or in support of Trump, I felt unable to put down the words that had previously played in my mind.  For weeks prior to the election, I was aware that I was being worked covertly by political operatives.  Was this why I felt blocked from writing?  I fight so many battles, who knows?

The build-up to this theft begins with machine activity during the Obama administration.  The 2012 election was grabbed unethically by several actions.   First Obama had used survey data to create a massive voter database by which mailings customized to different ideologies attempted to deceive votes.  I believe that four different contradictory targeted messages were sent out.  When there was fear that some of the black vote would stray, an incendiary commercial pretending innocence played.  Madagascar 3 characters were dancing around with rainbow Afros saying, "Afro-circus, Afro-circus."  Leading up to the 2016 election, Obama told a Latina journalist that illegal immigrants would not be punished if they voted, in language carefully worded to evade legal consequences.1  If you still have doubts of a political machine capable of an election theft, consider that Harry Reid busted the super majority requirement for cloture that enabled filibuster to open up Obama's stacking of the Federal Appeals Court with radicals that the Republicans would not allow.  Then to close ranks to ensure propaganda to the conspiracy, Obama had a special meeting with a group of liberal journalists to secure their help.

Closer to the matter at hand, when Trump won by surprise a war to take him down began in earnest.  Likely the surprise of this outcome resulted from conservative voters refusing surveys.  Perhaps they had discovered that such were used to manipulate them.  A Russia collusion pogrom initiated by Hillary Clinton took down many of Trumps associates before before coming up fraud and empty-handed.  Liberal meanness played in the most slanted malicious way against Trump while his adversaries were dealt grace and cover for any of their own wrongdoing.  If this were not enough, witches conspired on the internet to bind Trump every new moon eve to remove him from office.2  With this kind of malice, they likely were doing so everyday contributing to his provocation against their radical sensibilities.  All this was done to him in as much of a public view as the severe slant on the liberal news allowed.

Much of the same continued during the election cycle.  First when the COVID 19 pandemic conveyed Democratic governors with emergency powers, they enacted election measures enabling voter fraud.  This mostly consisted of easy mail-in ballot provisions, however some mailed ballots to the wind, to every registered voter, many who were dead or otherwise ineligible to vote.  When Trump brought up the issue of Kamala Harris's eligibility to apply to Vice-President they dismissed it as racist and inferred false birther theory much the same as had been with Obama.  Whether Kamala could have been natural born to two foreign students likely here on student visas is a reasonable line of discourse, unless of course the liberal media can't allow any opposition to their theft.  As an aside, Obama and not his opposition created his birther controversy as his publishers promoted his book in 1991 on the line that he was born in Kenya (Did they lie?).  Then liberal interviews with Joe Biden pitched him soft questions as one would do for a toddler, while any interview with Trump was loaded with daggers.  Then when Newsweek published a story revealing allegations of Hunter Biden crimes certain social media outlets openly announced that they would censor the story.  Can you see a machine at work here?

As much of this obvious takedown of Trump was purposed to prevent his reelection, the theft of recent elections by the Democrats is a self-evident truth at least on a propaganda line.  The argument that they were not stolen then becomes rhetoric for an assertion that the thefts were done without committing a crime.  This is like the perpetrators asserting that they "stole the election fairly."  Is this like Bolshevik-fair because I see nothing in it fair at all?

However there were crimes of voter fraud and according to witnesses much more.  In one district, false claims of a water main break were used to remove Republican observers.  In another instance, trucks full of ballots appearing to have been printed on a computer rather than by hand as if by a persons  At some point documented evidence was shown to constitute an encyclopedia worth of many books.  To add hubris, some Democratic activists sued to allow voters who had recently moved out of Georgia to other states to return to vote in their runoff, which was granted by an Obama appointed judge.  These are but a few of more claims than I can recall at this point.

Just before starting this article, the move to silence opposition to this theft has started.  The Left has accused Trump and other Republicans of inciting a riot when Trump specifically called for peaceful activity from his audience.  On this basis, Twitter has banned Trump and the others, Trump for life.  Only Giuliani dropped the word combat into uncertain context.

If exposed, Biden will say it was not done by him but for him.  However he has already shown himself a player in Obama's radical agenda for America.  When he was vice-president he told a foreign audience that the white majority in America would be overthrown by 2017.  No wonder Obama could not prevent West Africans from coming to America during the Ebola pandemic.


1"Obama Encouraging Illegals to Vote," Nov 6, 2016 YouTube,, link.
2Tara Isabella Burton, "Each month, thousands of witches cast a spell against Donald Trump," Oct 30, 2017, Vox,, link.

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