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Hard Ball

What my enemies most want to hide from you.

On Saturday April 30, 1994, I went with my parents to look to purchase a small travel trailer.  On the way back, we passed a continuous line of traffic starting Pittsboro and continuing all the way back to Durham, something which seemed abnormal.  A little later while dining in a local restaurant, an old man looked at me and said, "Someone is going to be done like David Koresh."  I the wee hours before the next morning, someone came around shooting what sounded like a gun with silencer and playing an artificial bird noise.  The next day, because of utter terror, I checked into the hospital.  Perhaps anyone would have felt terror under the circumstances however mine had a slight edge to it that suggested a witchcraft attack as well.

Earlier that year I had devised to find out who my enemies were.  It was not enough to have deduced that enemies spied on and stalked me, I had to have proof.  Because they spied, I would use their espionage against them.  I spoke to them from the privacy of my bedroom to deceive them to meet me so I could identify them.  Soon at work,  a man stood before me as I had prescribed to the spies, but instead of speaking to follow through with the conversation, I walked away knowing...  Meanwhile, trouble seemed to advance at work until multiple actors were motivated against me.

A short time after the first extortions of 1994 that exact bird noise that had been played earlier in conjunction with the silenced gun sound played on television during commercial breaks. Apparently they wanted to remind me of  the threat of violence by silenced gun to which the bird noise was associated. I would then submit to the extortion and be afraid to tell what they had done to me.  During the same period a clip of Alex Trebek with digitally superimposed lips saying “jeopardy, jeopardy” played also.  I can only imagine that the public thought that the media had gone insane.  As this sound played in the media repeated during the subsequent weeks and months it became difficult to dismiss as anything but extortion. Nortel's involvement with this tampering showed as well  by the fact that they obtained many custom license plates from the North Carolina DMV with sequences beginning with BIRDS followed by a number which they sought to compel me to see.  The audacity to conduct tampering activities in such shamelessly visible manner suggests Nortel had complicity from higher powers to conduct them.  Observations and deductions would lead to the conclusions that Federal intelligence aided Nortel to protect secret technology which their crimes risked exposing and that Clinton had been blackmailed to secure his side.1

Later, approximately late 1999, they did it again, this time for apparently different motives.  One day at work, I quoted all of Psalm 91 to a friend while someone else who passed by showed more devious notice of it.  Before dawn the next morning, they were again shooting a silenced gun as if to extort me.  This continued intermittently for a few mornings at a time for a time until they stopped again.  Do you think they were desperate for me or someone else to die?

By the hands of my adversaries and those they set against me, I have been shot at, poisoned, bitten by deadly spiders, had my property vandalized, been slandered, and too much more to document in a few sentences.

These things still speak extortion.  While the mere mention of these ruthless deeds and others I have written about could deter many lawyers from helping me, various affected adversaries in politics and elsewhere hope that the decades long delay will make this problem go away by attrition.2

Justice now!


As I wrote this, I felt a little unsettled that deceiving a criminal to discover an otherwise undiscoverable crime might set an example that it is proper to lie when it is not.  Making such an exception is not to done lightly because a mistake in this sort of area is justification of a sin.  It seemed the thing to do at the time as perhaps it would to tell a Nazi that you are not hiding a Jew when you are.  However, I am still culpable for a lie that I expect is forgiven by God under the circumstances and you should not infer that I endorse lying.

1See related article Clinton's Obsession.
2For a general overview of my isolation from due process see related article I Am an Island.

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