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The Executive Machine

Often concern arises concerning the abuse of power in various Presidential administrations.  Accusations are made but no one is ever prosecuted leaving the public to presume such proceedings mere political maneuvering.  Is there anything really to it?

The Autocratic Privilege

I assert that the privilege of the Presidential pardon creates an autocracy under many circumstances.  As specified in the constitution, this privilege has one limitation:  that it cannot block impeachment proceedings.  Article II, Section 2 of the United States Constitution says:

And he shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.

This text does not prevent the standing President from pardoning himself, his staff, anyone committing a crime on his behalf, or anyone whatsoever, so long as the crime involved falls under Federal jurisdiction.


However, the President cannot assume autocratic powers without accomplices, unless he has the character to attempt a ruthless coup of some kind.  He needs at least one branch of Congress on his side to prevent any attempt at impeachment.  The rule of law too can be an accomplice if pardons and the exercise of other mechanisms of power can be concealed by State Secrets Privilege, known specifically regarding the Presidency as Executive Privilege.  The lies permitted by the current legal status of political free speech becomes another accomplice to autocracy by subterfuge.  The voters simply no longer believe anything said on the public stage unless they are already predisposed to do so.


Even if both Houses of Congress are adversarial to the standing President, a public perception that an autocrat is instead a good ruler creates a great deal of difficulty for Congressmen minded to stop tyranny at the expense of loosing voter support.  For this reason the aspiring autocrat requires propaganda support first among members of his own staff, his own party, and any friendly media.  It is regrettable that those who would violate our democracy in this way are aided by an interpretation of political free speech that enables them to lie without legal consequences if convenient to their designs.

Historical Acts of the Abuse of Power

Having established that the legal and political structure enables an autocratic presidency, does one actually exist in practice.  Known history reveals significant instances of abuse of power:
  • Some time back, a historical documentary represented Ulysses S. Grant to have arranged a murder.  General Custer had always opposed him and a time came when Grant wanted him gone.  As a result, Grant arranged Custer's death by arranging for support be pulled back from him in the middle of battle.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt had already gained enough war powers for history to record him a quasi-dictator.  Most notable of his acts was an attempt to force the retirement of Supreme Court justices in order to install new ones to create a court entirely favorable to him.
  • Who can forget Richard Nixon?  His grab for power failed because he did not have the necessary accomplices outside of his own administration.
  • Bill Clinton gained the White house under such a cloud of criminal suspicion that fear of an executive takeover swept the Republicans into power in the House of Representatives in 1994.  I myself have seen the Clinton machine in action because my enemies set it against me in 1994.  You should view the Clinton Chronicles for yourself.1
  • It is remarkable in light of the vicious liberal media war against George Bush that they could not produce anything of substance against him other than the pardon of Scooter Libby to vilify him.  However, the issue raised poses an important observation:  if conflicted pardons were not the normal practice of past presidents, Bush would have met with legal opposition rather than just media exposure for this deed.  Otherwise, if the liberal media had focused their powers of vitriol on Clinton or Obama they would have induced a successful impeachment instead.

The Obama Administration

It is incredible that the American voters should put this much power into the hands of radical and one trained in the Chicago political machine at that?  As a result we have seen the following autocratic activity.

  • David Manning speaks out against the election of Obama resulting in a visit by the Secret Service.  Why?  Because he heard shocking allegations from Trinity United Church of Christ where Obama attended, ones that Obama did not want told:  Obama is or was gay.2
  • Larry Sinclair who claims to be one of Obama's homosexual lovers filed an affidavit with Chicago authorities concerning contacts he received from another man who also claimed to be Obama's lover.  The affidavit was occasioned by the death of the the man in question, Donald Young.  In his book published in 2009, Mr. Sinclair attributes the death of Young and others to a cover-up of Obama's gay past.  Here Sinclair gains more credibility than Obama's unhindered propagandists by risking his allegations to possible charges of perjury if he had lied.3
  • Before the election of 2012, the stories of Obama's gay past resurfaced on the basis that members of Trinity United Church of Christ were just now speaking up out of concern about what has become of Obama's presidency.4
  • Just as I was beginning this article Obama met with liberal journalists favorable to him while specifically excluding any from FOX News.  In attendance were three from MSNBC:  Rachel Maddow, Al Sharpton, Lawrence O'Donnell, and Ed Schultz.  I am sure you realize these are all liberal.  Rachel was outed as a lesbian in college.  Lawrence O'Donnell is known to have said "I am a socialist. I live to the extreme left, the extreme left of you mere liberals."  Also in attendance was Arianna Huffington, one of O'Donnell's  "mere liberals."  The official press release submitted by Josh Earnest revealed that this was a propaganda strategy meeting when it stated  that "the President met with influential progressives to talk about the importance of preventing a tax increase on middle class families, strengthening our economy and adopting a balanced approach to deficit reduction."5,6
Whether Obama is or was gay is not the issue here, at least not legally.  Someone who believed the story that he was gay suggested that he may have went straight in conjunction with getting married.  Rather the question is:  why the cover-up?

The 2012 Presidential election showed many signs of a machine election.

  • The election carried throughout a comprehensive and ruthless propaganda campaign made successful by liberal media help.  The observation that the Democrats and their allies consistently told the same lies, in the same way, with largely the same words suggests the liberal line was deliberately planned and then carried out by all the participants.  The Republicans in contrast appeared to argue their point of view independently from zeal for the logic and validity of their beliefs.
  • If this observation passed the notice of some, the debates were a clear revelation.  Questions posed by Obama-friendly moderators were targeted to put their favorite in the best light and to draw the conservative debater into a calculated controversy.  The vice-presidential debate which was moderated by an ally of Obama whose wedding Obama had recently attended was appalling.  Biden calculated juvenile laughter to befuddle his opponent and the moderator joined his humor as the debate continued its one-sided course.  In the second presidential debate, the moderator contended against Romney on behalf of Obama in a clear display of partiality at one point even to asserting her own liberal lie.  I thought at that point that Romney would win the election on the basis of sportsmanship alone.  However, tyranny cannot rest.
  • Now if Obama was concerned that things were slipping, he could buy votes.  An executive grant of short term amnesty for illegals would buy him Latino votes.  And win them he did.
  • I gave some thought that Hurricane Sandy was the wrath of those occult supporters of Obama who were angry that Romney might win.  Who could prove such a thing?  Obama seemed to gain some propaganda advantage from it anyway.
  • If these were not enough, election day itself produced credible reports of widespread voter fraud favoring Obama.7


2David Manning's Testimony

November 20, 2009
Pastor Manning Visited By Secret Service, Expects To Be Arrested (nov 2009)

Although I believe Pastor Manning in the following video, I suspect the contacts he said were made with him here were meant to discredit him with disinformation perhaps to cover for the Secret Service visit that preceded and his allegations that motivated it.
CIA and Obama tried to kill Pastor Manning. Obama worked for CIA in 80s

I Announced Obama's Homosexuality 4 Years Ago

It is belated to say, choose your autocrat well!

1The New Clinton Chronicles  May 21, 2010.  A must view for the evaluation of the health of our democracy.  Hurry, while Google is still showing entire video!
3Coroner's report of Donald Young's death and Larry Sinclair's affidavit.  PDF file.
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