The Democratic Coup of 2006



My mother received a phone call trying to sell her Encore, a movie package for DirecTV.  Because I thought it was a bad idea, I advised her to consult dad first.  Because they offered her incentives, a special deal and a trial offer period, she bought it anyway.  When activated however, it turned out to be a Trojan horse.  They gratuitously added the Hustler channel to the lineup.  What a coincidence that I should have to step over this mine just prior to the election of 2006.  There was no real danger that I would fall in, but how could they justify risking my family for their political treachery?  While searching the web for information about the Foley scandal, Representative Hastert’s assertion that George Soros and Democratic operatives, led by Bill Clinton, were plotting to steal back power from the Republicans seemed very credible to me.  The devious smiles by which Democratic strategists claimed their certain victory seemed to suggest there was more in the works than a straightforward election.  When the Ted Haggard scandal broke, I was angered at the carefully timed political slander.  A guest on the news said with a smile barely concealing his glee over the outcome of the election, “Christians should not be involved in politics,” betraying additional motive behind the Democratic scheme   After the election, my mom decided that she did not want the Encore movie package after all.  When she called to cancel it, she found that they had not given her the incentives by which they sought to draw her in.


This was not the first time that this system has sought my soul.  I was searching the web for a panettone recipe During the 2006 holiday season when hackers popped up an offer of neighboring Floyd County’s women for sex.  Because of the names that were listed, libel would have been involved if I had not immediately closed the window.  When I fasted for sanctification in the fall of 1996, the media fought my new freedom by showing profane material uncharacteristic of the family rated channels by which they were conveyed.  The Learning Channel showed a woman posed with no underwear on.  Oprah bent over toward the camera and shook her breasts from side to side.  Other such programming played as well.  Only a fraction of second would pass before I would resolve each of these problems with my remote control.


If they sought my soul, could they have not also sought that of Ted Haggard?  Consider that the initial report from church investigators was that they found other sin in his life and not that for which he was accused.  The church would be bound to discipline him either way.  Political hacking could have lured him into some other immorality of which we have not yet heard.  As for the final political representation of Ted, my experience demonstrates that the political machine does not give opportunity for rebuttal when they do these kinds of things, besides that, he would be too humiliated to respond anyway.  As for motive, Ted’s friendship with George Bush would make him a clear target for the Democratic plot.


The Republican’s Contract with America of 1994 by which they gained control of Congress seems tame compared to all of this Democratic plotting.


Furthermore, the Democrats have not stopped blaming Bush for the Iraq War.  This war was already determined by the Council on Foreign Relations according to a document that I examined on their website from 1994.  Whatever else you may think of them, their influence gives continuity to foreign policy under both Democratic and Republican administrations.


In an address to the Council on Foreign Relations on December 15, 2003, Senator Hillary Clinton said she agreed with former CFR president Leslie Gelb’s statement, ”... that the purpose of the Council on Foreign Relations, as an organization, is to promote American internationalism based on American interests.1


This statement of affiliation with the CFR, would link Bill Clinton’s bombings of Iraq during his presidency with the same CFR policy that produced the Iraq War when the pretext allowed it.


Now we have more Democratic irregularities.  Let us hope they do not steal this election too!




After I wrote this article, Ted Haggard spoke in a small church in Illinois.2  He would not disclose the nature of the sin he admitted committing.  Interestingly, he said the attack on his life occurred at the age of 50.  Depending on how accurately he reported his age, his birthday of June 27, 1956 places the timing within three months of an election the Democrats were ruthlessly scheming to steal.


By chance, I happened to find that George Bush is not the oilman the Democrats allege him to be.  He sold his oil business in 1986 to help his father prepare for his election campaign.3  Oddly enough it turns out that Al “Green” Gore is the oilman.  His family has long running ties to Occidental Petroleum.


If these discoveries were not enough, I also discovered that Rahm Emmanuel, Barack Obama’s chief-of-staff, was attributed to be the chief Democratic operative in securing the 2006 election.4



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