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The Fall of America

As We Know It

While I walked around the Nortel plant where I worked during Lent of 1998 praying for the lost, I was accosted by a black helicopter that lacked registration markings.  Just more in a long line of extortions.

Just prior to this, I had recalled a forgotten vision that I had about February 1982.

I saw an antichrist rule America, cruel and ruthless like none who had come before, his hand hard against the people. He ruled beyond the usual time.  I saw myself stand against him from my place for how long I do not know.

Shortly, my bible reading came to Jeremiah 26:3

Perhaps they will listen and everyone will turn from his evil way, that I may repent of the calamity which I am planning to do to them because of the evil of their deeds. (NASB)

In a subtle way the Spirit related this verse to the vision I had recently recalled.  So I wrote it down with the other beginnings of my testimony.  Although I had no opportunity to tell the thing publicly at the time, perhaps God's purpose would be served anyway.  Then when I was accosted by the helicopter, I was certain that it pertained to my writing the vision.  I had experienced much abuse of power by ruthless powers under the Clinton administration.  Someone else in high places, maybe even the President himself felt weight of the some real relevance of the vision to events current to that time.

If Clinton's grab for power had somehow been forestalled, a renewed quest for it is likely to have been kindled by the knowledge that my memoir was progressing.   A desperate grab for power then became the motive for Hillary's run for president in 2008.

Now we have Obama abusing power with a gusto that makes Clinton's ambitions look tame.

It seems inevitable that current political tendencies push for such an outcome to America.  Because so many Americans vote for ideological reasons rather than for the character of the candidates, especially where sin-freedoms are paramount, there is an ever increasing tendency to elect leaders who have no moral restraint to keep them from grabbing ultimate power.  Once in power, the excessive powers of the Presidency allow him to operate autocratically if he is inclined.  Paradoxically, necessary political free speech seems to facilitate the very rise of such powers because after a candidate has paved a trail of crime to the brink of being elected, bleating that he is a criminal seems like just so many political lies to those who support him.

Since I seem to be behind the cue ball as the enemy of this sort of abuse, you wrong me every time you vote a criminal into office such as these, not to mention that you wrong the remainder of America and yourselves as well.

Stop this mess and start voting for candidates with moral integrity.

Because I rushed this article as a result of outside tampering, I may soon add to it.

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