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December 15, 2016.  See Document History at end for details.

False Flag

Accusations of Russian hacking are only cover for the censorship of political free speech and an ongoing attempt to steal the election.

Believing that Hillary's election would end my quest for justice and faced with censorship posed to prevent me from succeeding, I decided that I had to take more drastic action.  Therefore I put my homepage and political articles and the following letter into a .zip file and uploaded it to Wikileaks.

Dear Sirs,

Enclosed are a snapshot dated Nov. 1, 2016 of only the political articles from my website. Links to non-political articles from the home page will therefore be broken. They are sensitive in nature pertaining to high crimes perpetrated at the federal level or that of associated benefactors.  Although they should be visible, my web statistics show nearly no traffic to them although the remainder of my website sees maybe 3000-6000 visitors per month.  Due to my experience with covert tampering, I could believe there is a best effort to conceal them even though they should have public access.

Do you think I am censored?

My url is .  Began at home.htm .


Wayne Stegall

While I awaited the outcome, I couldn't help but feel that it is a stain on our democracy to find it necessary to go cloak and dagger and enter the darknet to get justice that that is promised to be in plain grasp.  I would not have to wait long.  Then when I soon heard that the CIA was desperately fighting Russian hackers to prevent tampering with the election, I thought otherwise.  To my mind the Obama administration feared what disclosure of censored truth unfavorable to their candidate would pose to their prospects of winning.  It had to be stopped and that desperately.  I could not think otherwise considering all that has been done to me.  Furthermore, if you harbor ideas that the CIA is objective, an examination of John Brennen's radical past will prove him an Obama crony instead.

If this were not enough, now the previous accusations against Russia have been converted to cast Trump's win into an unfavorable light.  While Obama still plays his propaganda on this line, operatives are working disgruntled Republican electors to persuade them to change their vote.  Some have said that twenty electors feel this way.  It is hoped that the hacking accusation will allow them to rationalize justification to commit such a betrayal.

This circus has to be stopped!1

1See related article  This Circus is Rigged.

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