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Police are setup by subtlety

i used to notice the following while driving in some areas of Durham.  Poor blacks would cross the road in front of me as if they had no concern for their life.  I would have to stop.  It seemed to give them power to stop a car they were too poor to own.  They also risked that a distracted driver would hit them.  This was a frequent occurrence.  I suspect others experienced it as well.  This sets up others to take a fall for their repressed aggression.  It is a known tactic and an ongoing personality trait some to combat others this way.  Perhaps some even feel their lives so desperate that "martyrdom" at the expense of others is preferable to life.

In a war against the police1, violent aggression or crime cannot prevail against deadly force.  More subtle tactics are required.  Does this tactic play when the police encounter such people.  Are they setup in the same way by subtle behaviors meant to ensnare them in the encounter?  If some have declared war, certainly so.

In a recent video showing police bodycam of the beginning of his arrest, George Floyd violently scuffles with police.  When ordered to stop resisting arrest, he lies "I am not resisting."  This establishes disbelief from that point that anything he is saying is true.  Also saying "Please don't shoot me, please don't shoot me" could be a routing setup line.  Then when excessive drug use diminishes his breathing, he disbelieved to his own hurt and the police are left setup for a fall.  This scam went off so well it seemed that George only did it subconsciously, otherwise he was extraordinarily crafty.

According to Psychology Today:

Passive-aggressive behavior can be intensely frustrating for the target because itís hard to identify, difficult to prove, and may even be unintentional.

Once such a convincing narrative advances a radical agenda, activists and the liberal media will represent only one side of the conflict.  As a result mob justice harms everything in its path whether innocent police, citizens, or society itself.

Stop the madness!

1See related article:  War on the Police.
2Hannah, C.,"Updated Autopsy Report: George Floyd Died of Heart Attack with Evidence of Fentanyl and Meth Use," Jun 01, 2020, The Science Times,, link.
3Unknown, "Passive-Aggression," Psychology Today,, link.

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