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The War against God

How the God and the Church have been scapegoated by the rise of paganism.

An account written long ago speaks incisively about the cause of many modern events.  The Christian writer recounted how a man sitting beside him on an airline flight appeared to be praying.  When he asked the man if he were praying, the man responded that he was praying against Christianity.  It would not be unreasonable to think this sort of thing to be common especially in view of the legalization of occult religion, homosexuality, and other modern evils.

If this is so, what modern events can upon closer inspection be attributed to a war on Christianity?  First consider that some have alleged to have declared such a war.  A homosexual manifesto declared that homosexual would overcome the church.  They would subvert those they could with persuasion and turn the tables on those that resisted.  Also, I heard two homosexuals on television say that they longed to return ancient times before the predominance of Christianity, specifically the Roman empire.  Apparently he considered that time some pagan utopia most open to his desired lifestyle.  If abortionists, occultists, and other enemies of the Church have not made a declaration of war, it would implausible to think that they did not share the same motives.

Although there are earlier clues to an attack on the church, the rate of failure of prominent and other Christians seemed to greatly increase after 1994.  About 1996, a deception went out that nearly toppled a few ministries.  I am certain that it was a deception and not some unwanted revelation of bad doctrine, because I rejected the same deception when it came to me.  Later and perhaps unrelated, I heard a minister say that satan had surprised him and perhaps others with new tactics which they had to take new measures to deal with.

Soon after a large number Nortel employee's took a long trip into their area, a ministry that I liked started to cry out that they were under Satanic attack.  I made this cause and effect deduction because I knew many Nortel employees hostile to Christianity practiced witchcraft.  Later, a cessationist posted a transcript of the public ministry dialog of the same ministry and their friends.  Every time they tried to speak in tongues, they spoke stupid stuff intended to discredit them instead.  This sort of deduction comes readily to me because witches' manipulation of others speech figured in the escalation of Nortel's and their accomplices' plot against me during the first of 1994.  I will not post the transcript because I do not believe innocents should be shamed for being made a prey.  The cessationist concluded that "...famous preachers are actually Satanists posing as pastors."  As aside this shows how crusades between different factions of the Church can play to the devil's favor.

In a larger view,  I made some kind of deduction by examining a overview time line of a long period beginning in 1994.  Runs of violence against the Church such as many arsons and the specific targeting of Christians during mass shootings abated during brief periods during which there would be a single attack on the White House instead.  Because I knew Nortel had involved Clinton in their crimes, it seemed to me that propaganda efforts to blame God or the Church for current evils alternated with revelations of contradictory truth and an attack on the apparent propaganda source only to result in renewed propaganda to continue the cycle.  Other evidence and deductions show that this propaganda cycle has shed much more Christian blood overseas where Christians are less protected.

Certainly, I have been a target of this war as well.  When I started to seek sanctification, many opposed me.  Suspicion began on the first day when a WTVD 11 helicopter hovered nearby while I read scriptures instead of eating lunch that day.  Certainly the appearance of a helicopter is not proof of anything, but soon more solid opposition arose.  On one afternoon, I happened to watch the Oprah Winfrey show.  As looked on, Oprah moved toward the camera, bent over so that viewers could see down her shirt, and shook her feminine attributes from side to side.  After that, supposedly G-rated The Learning Channel, posed a woman sitting to the side, bottomless with only a top on, a vile display for an children or clean living adults to see.  The rapid switching of the television channel spared me; however you could wonder how hostile the world had become for Christians to bear.  This is only one example of many that have continued for many years.  One of the strangest attacks occurred within the last year or two.  I was sitting at the computer and felt something stirring in my hair along with a quiet crackling noise.  I sat puzzled for a bit and then reasoned that some witch was trying to ignite my hair.  I got over the episode by rebuking the devil.  If you are in unbelief about this, explaining it as some kind of covert harassment does not acquit the evil.  More recently, I clicked on an internet link to a page detailing composite construction materials.  Instead, pornography was hacked into its place.  Immediately, they distracted my mind so that I would delay vindicating myself by the immediate closure of the browser window – which did as soon as I came to my senses.  The apparent spiritual treachery suggested to me that someone hoped to slander me to some unknown audience.  Soon after, a visit to a Christian website showed pornography in Google Ads or the like.  With the evil repeated, you could not blame me for thinking Democratic political operatives are ruthless and vile.  This world is now too evil for Christians to live in.

Those warring on the Church this way have leveraged their propaganda victories to advance many lines of societal changes advantageous to their many evils.  It is not lost on those that care about Christianity that homosexuals and their allies are persecuting those Christians that resist their agenda in the guise of asserting their gay marriage rights.  Many other wrongs against Christians are more subtle, carried out by whoever is positioned at any particular time to deprive Christians of their rights.  In this light homosexuals have been caught in a lie in the their previous denials of their stated agenda to turn the tables on Bible-believing Christians.  Now we await a Supreme Court decision which homosexual activists hope will finalize their building of false entitlements on the blood of martyrs.

Worse yet, the hoped for pagan utopia poses to plunge the world into chaos, the beginning of which is already evident and on which they hoped to blame God and His people or global warming.  Those times were not free or kind, neither spiritually or practically.  Rather, a world of pagans practicing the occult enabled and now enable demonic powers whom they subsequently felt need to appease and worship in order the abate the chaos and its effects on their lives.

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