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Elijah Law

Secret law brings summary judgement against supposed end time actors

On Wednesday, February 22, 2023, while CIA was contending covertly, I picked up spiritually that a secret law exists to exercise summary judgement against those substantively believed to be end time actors.  I.e. Elijah, and others.  That my rights are subverted because of the incidents of fire from heaven.  That they continued to pursue this line on the basis that they did not consider the flamethrower that came later to clear me.  Also that they did not want me to marry because it might thwart them from making such a case.  For other support.  Approximately 2001, a man sitting next to me at a pizza restaurant insinuated of rethinking judgements made.  In the fall of 2009, I saw a vision of materials that I later received from England in about 2012.  Benign materials were given an unrelated label of "Suspended Sentence."  The vision apparently validated that an insinuation conveyed valid information.

Contrary to this, my assignment as given in 1997 with 2 Chronicles 7:14 was to pray for America.

Testimony of

Testimony of Tyranny

Testimony of Tyranny

God Disclaims
                    Responsibility for Abnormal Weather

If you doubt this consider that the following quote from an article validates the existance of secret laws.

I first heard about secret laws some years ago when I worked at the White House. One of the
White House lawyers told me he had been ordered to make some alien a U.S. citizen ASAP ó
not just give him a green card, but grant him citizenship. I donít recall the details of why.
Anyway, the lawyer said that short of going through the usual drill, only Congress could grant
citizenship. But for some reason the White House chief of staff was hot on this matter and
told the lawyer that he had better find a way or start cleaning out his office.

It was then that the lawyer discovered these secret laws. He told me that there is a whole U.S.
Code section that is simply blank for this reason. He said most of these laws had been passed
during World War II. Apparently, one gave the president the authority to grant citizenship
under certain circumstances that, thankfully for the lawyer, applied in this case. So my lawyer
friend was able to keep his job. Weird.1

While I write this I feel a certain heaviness, as of witchcraft trying to stop me.

The unseen enemy has harmed much of my life.  How much will they harm of yours?

1Kevin Drum, "Secret Laws," December 12, 2005, Political Animal, Washington Monthly,
2See Article Tyranny

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