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July 3, 2010

E Pluribus Finem?

Ancient Babylon forced diversity and pluralism in its society for very practical reasons.  They thought to scatter people groups to prevent them from organizing any sort of rebellion by resettling 90% of those they conquered away from their homelands.  Yet this piece of sophistry cost them their kingdom.  Consider the prophecy of Jeremiah concerning the danger of allowing untrustworthy foreigners in their land:

And I shall dispatch foreigners to Babylon that they may winnow her and may devastate her land; For on every side they will be opposed to her In the day of her calamity.  (Jeremiah 51:2 NAS)

As I remember the story, some of these foreigners, who were entrusted with what were then national security secrets, betrayed their patrons.  They delivered
the public service layout of the capital to their accomplices outside .  Invaders entered by night through the water mains and captured the city.

As a student, I remember being told that we studied history to learn from the past mistakes of others.  And yet an elite of the most highly possible educated liberals are pushing on us a mindless pluralism that may nullify our future.  Presumably, they studied the same history from which we were told to learn.  They may be fixated on the necessary interment of Japanese-Americans during WWII as if it were some grave mistake which it was not.  Perhaps they spent more time learning the ideology of Karl Marx and extolling the praise of Che Guevara than reading history or the Bible (Still the book of all Wisdom).

Now we allow all of our enemies free access to our country, its technology, and sometimes its secrets.  Persistent rumors that the KGB planted suitcase bombs (A-bombs!) in various unknown places in our country during the Cold War are very plausable in this context.  In their run to outsource American jobs, many corporations have compromised our technology and security to China and others.  The freedom of Red Chinese operatives to operate in America together with the positioning of Chinese-Americans in sensitive positions has resulted in the betrayal of American nuclear secrets.  Nortel has built an electronic police state for China that Stalin and Hitler would envy.  New York Times columnist, Thomas Friedman, said in 2005 that Microsoft's best software is now written by their campus in Beijing.

In the name of pluralism, we seemingly cannot refuse the entry of would be enemies into our country.  40,000 Somalis allegedly live in the Minneapolis area.  Many of them may be kind, but they pose a security risk anyway, a risk verified by the recruiting of their sons into jihad.  It is a travesty that an obvious Muslim can sue an airline because they were afraid to allow him to board their planes.  Somebody has sacrified good sense on the alter of insanity!  (Or some hidden political agenda)

Ironicly, more severe covert activity is required to maintain national security behind the curtain of this circus than would be required if more reasonable policies were in place.  Honest security limits on democracy would result in more freedom in the end than this double standard.  Keep our enemies out!

I don't dislike foreigners, many of them are kind, and besides they make life interesting.  It is just that our way of life needs to be moderated by good sense.

Now they want to advance the cause of Aztlan.  Aztlan is the mythical ancient land which some illegals have claimed is their's because it was taken from Mexico.  Much seditious libel has been uttered concerning the recovery of Colorado, California, Arizona, New Mexico, and others by occupying and squatting on these lands by those whom the advocates of a North American Union will not arrest.  I am not denying the occurrence of the Spanish-American War, but the natives of those states were not citizens of Mexico proper.

As I understand it, immigration reform now being planned will grant citizenship to illegal aliens so quickly that there will be no opportunity to reverse the blunder, except perhaps that it is a violation of "equal protection under the law" and queue etiquette with regard to others who have or had to go through the entire naturalization process.

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