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The Plot Thickens

Possible extortion of Justice Kennedy makes Scalia's death more suspect.

Previously when I wrote on this subject, I had established logically that autopsies should always be performed on the political dead and then that the behavior of many calculated to prevent the autopsy of Antonin Scalia.1  However, there was no proverbial smoking gun to take suspicions any further.  However, at some point logical analysis of additional facts have the requisite smell of smoke.

When questioned about the legality of the refusal to comply with same-sex rulings due to religious conscience, Judge Anthony Kennedy insinuated a similarity of the gay-marriage ruling to the Nazis.
“How many judges do you think resigned in the Third Reich? Three,” he stated. “Great respect, it seems to me, has to be given to people who resign rather than do something they think is morally wrong, in order to make a point.”2
Do you think it odd that would vilify a ruling he concurred with?  Perhaps he had a change of heart seeing Kim Davis jailed for conscience.  However, he said immediately afterward that public officials must enforce the law in spite of conscience.  What then?  Is it possible that he made a ruling distasteful to his own conscience?  Consider the deduction made elsewhere that Mitch McConnell may be complying unwillingly to Obama for fear of extortion.3  It is also plausible that Kennedy was compelled in some manner to rule contrary to his own will.  It would be a bitter pill to have to do such a thing, a thing many would then label Nazi.

Then consider another point.  What if he confided in another?  Would they keep his secret?  If he had confided such a thing to Antonin Scalia, given my estimation of his temperament, Scalia would have been hot.  Hot enough to confront the presumed villain before considering the danger in doing so.

According to a second hand source, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service observed signs of a secret meeting between Obama and Scalia hours prior to his death.4
A stunning report prepared for the Office of the President (OP) by the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) examining the letter sent to President Putin by American billionaire Donald Trump last week that appeared to predict the murder of US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia suggests that just hours before this esteemed jurists death he had held a secret meeting with President Barack Obama aboard a US Air Force plane heading to a secluded Texas ranch owned by a close personal friend and top campaign donor of America’s leader.

According to this report, SVR “assess” reported that on 11 February both President Obama and Justice Scalia were at Joint Base Andrews (JBA) scheduled for two separate US Air Force flights from Andrews Field—the first taking President Obama to Los Angeles, and the second taking Justice Scalia to Marfa Municipal Airport (KMRF) located in the southwestern region of Texas near the Mexican border.  While President Obama was scheduled to depart on one of the US Air Force’s two Boeing VC-25 aircraft (commonly referred to as Air Force One), this report continues, Justice Scalia’s flight was scheduled aboard a Gulfstream C-37A—which is the US Air Force’s designation for their fleet of the popular Gulfstream V private jet aircraft.

Just prior to these two US Air Force aircraft departing from Andrews Field, this report notes, SVR “assess” assigned to monitoring top American political and military figures noted a “discrepancy from normal protocol” when Justice Scalia’s three US Marshal Services Judicial Security Division (JSD) “protectors/defenders” left the airbase with the “personal protection” of this noted jurist being transferred to the US Secret Service (SS).  Upon both President Obama and Justice Scalia’s different flights departing from Andrews Field, this report continues detailing; an even greater “discrepancy from normal protocol” was noted by the SVR when they were informed by Aerospace Forces (AF) satellite monitoring personal that US Air Force F-16 fighter aircraft from three different bases (Shaw Air Force Base, Montgomery Field and Luke Air Force Base) accompanied the entire flights of both the Boeing VC-25 and the Gulfstream C-37A—a level of protection normally only afforded to the US President exclusively.  As to why the US Air Force provided F-16 fighter aircraft protection to Justice Scalia’s flight, this report continues, became even more concerning to the SVR when after the flight landed in Marfa, Texas, this “extreme protective air cover” was maintained until the Gulfstream C-37A departed three hours later and flew to Los Angeles Air Force Base (LAAFB) accompanied by its fighter plane escort—and where at the exact same time the American press covering President Obama began questioning where he was, only to be told that President Obama had been missing due to a late-night, off-the-books dinner with three of Hollywood’s elite the White House wouldn’t further comment on.

This SVR report, though, “strongly suggests” that President Obama had, in fact, been aboard the Gulfstream C-37A with Justice Scalia from Andrews Field to Marfa and then further traveled from Texas to Los Angeles on it—which they say is the only conclusion to be reached due to the US Air Force’s continuous protection of it.  In support of this conclusion, this report continues, AF radar and electronic spectrum satellite analysis of Marfa, where the Gulfstream C-37A landed with Justice Scalia and (maybe) President Obama, shows a four vehicle convoy leaving the KMRF airport and traveling to a 12,140 hectare (30,000 acre) estate called the Cibolo Creek Ranch.
It is fair to take only the facts from this report from Russian Intelligence.  Although their conclusions and speculations would be politically suspect, their observations are consistent with their expected espionage in our (too) open society.

Then this scenario could play out.

Scalia – angry about manipulations of the judiciary – arranges to fly with Obama and confronts him with the matter.  Then when they part ways, the departure of Secret Service protection which had supplanted the protection given by Federal Marshals leaves him – perhaps improperly – unprotected.  Having alerted the perpetrators -  either directly or indirectly – of his knowledge of their misdeed and his willingness or intent to expose it, he was suddenly in great peril.

Then we can pick up the plot from my previous article on this subject:1
After the body was discovered at 11am it seems that that John Poindexter, the ranch owner, did not directly fetch help.   Instead, he proceeded in a careful way like someone who had to contain a situation.   He was reluctant to divulge specific information when he made contacts.   In this way, he first got medical advice anonymously to determine the next course of direction.5  Then his 911 call asked for information to contact U.S. Marshals without disclosing Scalia's identity.6  In the interim, U.S. Marshals flew in by helicopter with orders to secure the ranch.  Later Poindexter's outreach to get a death certificate took a circuitous route, resulting in a death pronouncement over the phone which omitted to do an autopsy.  It is then odd that other judges who were called first but did not come rushed to the presumed funeral home when they discovered that it was Scalia.7  Another passed over judge said she would have ordered the autopsy.  It is also worthy of note that Poindexter already had his excuses to argue against an autopsy prepared and ready.  How convenient it was to have obtained some kind of statement about Scalia's doctor's opinion of his condition ready in advance.  The effect of Poindexter's careful, measured communications was to forgo an expected and proper autopsy.

Was Poindexter protecting a secret?  In any case, if he were a liberal, the suspicion that any murder revealed by an autopsy would likely harm liberal and not conservative politics would require proceeding carefully so that other actors drawn in would act with similar motives.  Then, instead of an unwanted controversy, his side could capitalize on the misfortune to benefit of ongoing abuse of power by those in charge.
Now suspecting the extortion of Kennedy and deducing that a secret meeting with Obama would occasion Scalia to confront him about it, this obvious subverting of Scalia's autopsy takes on a more sinister tone.  Also why was their meeting not reported with the news of Scalia's death.  How could you convince me that the enemies of democracy didn't do something wrong?  Surely they are not just going to tell us –or even let us find out –are they?

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