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Electronic Voice Phenomena

Modern technology enables the Devil to speak

The reemergence of the occult in our day poses many dangers.  In the way of deceit, I want you to know of a particularly dangerous device.  Modern technology has merged with the Occult to produce an electronic divination device.  First used in the guise of paranormal investigation, the device is said to detect electronic voice phenomena (EVP) which is supposed voices of supernatural source which sometimes appear on recordings in paranormal investigations.  The presumed principle is that supernatural communications produce low level electromagnetic signals which can be monitored an antenna connected to a high-gain preamplifier.  If only the operation of the device stopped there it would only be a limited evil.  However, I believe with good reason that occult practitioners can do more with the device.  By means of witchcraft the device could produce consistent and elaborate communications from the other side.  In effect they are giving some demon a microphone by which to speak.  Then innumerable occult lies could be perpetrated in name of divination, channeling, or alleged representation of someone's mind.  It is possible also that bystanders to the deliberate occult operation of the device would experience psychic phenomena of the same type by which it is operated.

My own interest in this evil came from a rising awareness of something unusual activity increasing after 1994.  By the time some at Nortel talked of reading others minds and such, I had had a revelation that such a device was being used against me.  At that time, I thought the device to something covert not realizing that it had been already established and known in some circles.  Later, I was tipped off that the device was known and documented and for sale on the internet.  I actually believe that they use this device to create audio meant to attribute their evil to me.  Of course since they had already demonstrated in 1994 that they could effectively splice audio that sounded untampered, who knows what they were capable of in that area.  How the device came into play seems to me either related to the CIA's involvement in mind control research or else that a parapsychology research facility preexisted in Durham for Nortel's help.

It is one thing to believe that such devices exist and entirely another to know.  I saw one of the devices in actual operation on television on February of 2013.  While others watched Ghost Adventures on Discovery Travel Channel, I a saw  an EVP device in operation as I imagined it would operate after it was revealed to me in the 1990s that such a device was being used deceitfully against me by my adversaries.  They called it a Spirit Box and it spoke clear words which emerged from a background of loud white noise.

Perhaps more dangerous is the possibility that EVP operators could tamper with forensic espionage.  A bug with microphone and high-gain amplifier have some of the makings of an EVP device itself that could be operated to prejudice an investigation.  After writing this article I found more concrete evidence that this is true.  Upon searching for spirit box on the internet, I found that digital audio recorders of ordinary kind were being sold alongside special purpose spirit boxes for evp recording.  Then the search words microphone amp as evp brought up discussions of the use of ordinary microphone and preamp setups for this purpose.  A representative quote was:  "In summary if you want good results any type of mic amplifier will work".1  Imagine a pagan world where malicious prosecutions, lawsuits, or even political propaganda arise from occult manipulations.  These and other occult developments pose to create a constitutional crisis in some way that the advocates of sin-freedoms would have never envisioned.

Relevance to Prophecy

After I first published this article I began to meditate on how this technology could fulfill a particular prophecy.  Consider the following scripture.

And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.  (Rev 13:15)

Many have said that the image would speak by means of audio reproduction or that the image and voice could be conveyed by television.  However, this is missing the essential occult nature and power of this regime.  Now consider that the phrase give life in this passage is literally give spirit in the original Greek.  Now a technology enabling demons to speak could well be thought to be the means for this abominable idol to achieve its full occult potential.

And he had power to give spirit unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.  (Rev 13:15)

It is no doubt that this new paganism is propelling us toward a very dark future.

Question everything!

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