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After a suspense filled election where Trump won in spite of many Democratic maneuvers to rig the outcome for Hillary, I felt content to watch and see how Trump would carry out his campaign promises.

However the liberals have not been so gracious.  Instead they have turned to every immoral and illegal device to oppose him.  Their body language often shows malice when they do these things one even to the point of eyes tearing up with hatred so that you wonder if they have something inside like Martin Bashir when he said that someone should defecate in Sarah Palin's mouth.  So much for the liberal claim to own kindness.

In many cases they lie to rebut a statement by Trump that is either obviously true or that has probable cause to be true pending some additional revelation..
  • In the case where Trump said millions of undocumented aliens voted illegally he has probable cause.  Consider that Obama gave an interview to the Latino community encouraging illegals to vote.  Here is an excerpt from his interview with Latina Gina Rodriguez.1

    Rodriguez:  Many of the Millennials, Dreamers, undocumented citizens and I call them citizens because they contribute to this country are fearful of voting.  So if I vote will immigration know where I live?  Will they come for my family and deport us?

    Obama:  Not true.  The reason is first of all when you vote you are a citizen yourself.  and there is not a situation where the voting rolls somehow are transferred over and people start investigating and et cetera.  The sanctity of the vote is strictly confidential in terms of who you voted for.  If you have a family member who is maybe is undocumented then you have an even greater reason to vote.

    If this does not convince you, consider that other preparations were made for illegal voting.  First Obama gave Social Security Numbers to illegals, then California gave them driver's licenses no different from other citizens except for a small mark which could be overlooked.
  • Also when Trump accused Obama of spying on him, the liberal media accused him of a careless manufacture.  However it is easy to think that an article published on the front page of the New York Times on January 20 entitled "Wiretapped Data Used in Inquiry of Trump Aides"2 gave him justification.   Odd that the newspaper tried to discredit and bury their own article to aid the smear of the President.
  • Then attempts to smear Trump regarding Russia advance two story lines in the hope to smear Trump in the middle.  One that there were conversations between Trump associates and Russia and the other that there was Russian hacking of the election.  As for the former, it is not illegal to have a conversation with anyone if the content is proper.  Furthermore it is routine for the American government to have foreign conversations.  Then too an intelligence person has already said that the alleged spied on conversations did not implicate Trump's team of any wrongdoing.  As for the hacking, any Russian hacking implicates no one else but Russia unless other activities are involved.  Then there is reason to believe that the declared desperate efforts by the CIA to combat an attack against the election are merely a political ruse.  In defense of this belief consider that it was declared that no actual hack occurred or succeeded against voting machines or the vote count.  Given this what did Obama fear?  That some would say something damaging to the Clinton campaign?  Perhaps he feared a recent WikiLeaks disclosure that the CIA used hacking tools and techniques stolen from Russia and others hack under a false flag.3  Then it would be plausible to think the CIA could tamper with the election and blame the Russians, an idea not unlikely considering all that went before.  (After I had written much of this, news came that vindicates this and previous line of deduction even if other details are involved.  See external article:  "Intelligence official who 'unmasked' Trump associates is 'very high up,' source says")  However don't let this propaganda frenzy cause you to forget a real complication with Russia:  that Hillary Clinton betrayed our national interests to broker a deal to sell 20% of America's uranium production capacity to Russia.4,5
  • Finally, consider the travel ban and its logic to the reasonable mind, then consider folly.  I remember a few years ago when the concern of Christians was that Obama would not allow the immigration of Middle Eastern Christians who were feared would be exterminated by ISIS.6,7  So too Obama had his own travel ban in 2011.8  Yet when fears that Trump's travel ban would wrong Muslims there is an outcry.  A reasonable person would think that if Obama legally blocked immigration of endangered Christians that the opposition to Trump's ban to prevent terrorist from entry would be more so.  And yet radicals in high places think to violate the Constitution to oppose the legitimate exercise of power because it seems right in their own eyes.
In this last point, I wonder if the liberal mind is geared to spawn its own punishment.  They have murdered the unborn, subverted justice, law, and the political process, set up Christians for persecution by perverts, and committed other evil.  Consequences must arise and Islam seems more than willing to execute the same.  It is unfortunate that good people are set up to share in their punishment.

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