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Beware the Flat Earthers

The outsourcing of jobs that to some extent has impoverished America and Europe is perhaps not unexpected.  In his 2005 book "The World is Flat", Thomas Friedman realizes one day that the the world is flat.  The implication to the thoughtful reader is that a flat earth is an expected outcome of globalist ambitions, even though his book only deals the with its social and economic aspects and not the political motives behind such an outcome.  Apparently, flat earth is part of a specialized globalist vocabulary, a word marking a milestone in their aspirations to create a global order enabling their increased wealth.1  By equalizing the wealth of areas to be combined, certain barriers were to be overcome.  The basis of fear of richer areas of losing their wealth to the  poorer areas would be dissolved and the affection of the poorer areas bought as well.  Then any proposal to consolidate geographic territory would meet less resistance.

The European Economic Community and the North American Free Trade Agreement were meant to be flattening devices in this way, as yet only the EEC producing a European Union.  However, NAFTA has failed for now to produce the North American Union that was intended because of early public disclosure of the plan and the resulting outcry.  This is sure to be a disappointment to Canadian globalists whose website I found some years ago.  In their future scenarios, a French-Canadian would be president of an American Union in 2015.  A man named Clarence Streit2 has long argued for an Atlantic Union as well, a motive also advocated by a German globalist website.  The German document showed their view of a relationship of an Atlantic Union to a broader global one in the following diagram:3

The realm of the research topic
Half Fringe
Core Area
Half Fringe

Atlantic Union

Asia and Latin America
NAFTA    Atlantic         EU
Central Asia
Africa, Muslim World, Asia

The great outsourcing of 2001-2003 was not part of the big plan however, and its flattening effect was a bonus advancement of globalism in spite of an unwanted shift of power as a side-effect.  However, this still may advance their plans because Zbigniew Brzezinski said in his 1998 book "The Grand Chessboard"4 that China would be the best actor to serve to their plans to unify Asia.  Are our jobs their dowry to the Chinese?

Among the political talk about outsourcing, its consequences, and its morality, a writer of an article on one of the websites of the Council on Foreign Relations said that the great outsourcing of 2001-2003 was a justifiable redistribution of wealth because it would help so many in impoverished countries at the expense of those in richer ones.  Apparently, they have flattened the barriers between capitalism and socialism as well.
My copy of "The World is Flat"book: the world is flat

Cold fish!  Very cold fish!

1Friedman's knowledge of globalist vocabulary is not necessarily an indication of the depth of his involvement in it.  His willingness to disclose the ruthlessness of an oil business acquaintance on the Charlie Rose Show in 2006 at least shows that not all globalists approve of the ruthlessness of the remainder of their comrades.
2Connie Cartledge, Wilhelma B. Curry, and Patrick Kerwin, "Atlantic Union Committee:  A Register of its Records in the Library of Congress"
3Peter H. Mettler, "The Future of the Transatlantic Union"
4I only scanned Zbig's book, but I believe I remember the concept well.  Curiously, his quote on page 36, "Democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization," in view of his Marxist vocabulary,
leaves me to wonder whose side his was on.  You may remember him best as Jimmy Carter's foreign policy adviser.

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