The Spiritual Battle


Those trained to discern spiritual activity have viewed the political struggle of this era in a different light.The darkness of this age is warring to secure the victory of unrighteousness against those whom they believe to be opposing their malignity.As a result, the political stage shows those thought to be on the side of righteousness to off-center, without the eloquence they ordinarily possess to communicate their effectiveness to lead.Sometimes they have made mistakes they would not otherwise have made.George Bush has always seemed to be trying to maintain grace in the face of a spiritual struggle.I perceive Dick Cheney to have had it worse.Until the time came that he got some relief, the liberal establishment represented him as a monster on the basis of a spiritual attack having pushed him over the brink into anger.Hillary Clinton brought hypocrisy to this attack when she likened him to the villain of Star Wars, Darth Vader, because these same powers have sought to aid those who instead were on the side of unrighteousness.Those who get this aid seem to move in an unnatural charisma, contrary to their unrighteous agenda.See the pain in the manís face in the photo on the upper-right.I have testimony by which I know why and by whom he was under spiritual attack.


The one time that I watched John McCain debate with Barack Obama, John seemed also invisibly harried.In spite of not quite finding just the words he intended to speak, he managed to communicate his intent anyway.I myself had an untimely nap during part of the debate.Palinís lack of such difficulty may be attributed to Pentecostal teaching to which she has been exposed.


The church has testified that church leaders also have experienced attack like they have never experienced before.They had to reassess and redouble their discernment because of new strategies brought by the devil.


Pray for good and righteous leaders.