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Witchy Weather

Eyewitness testimony suggests weather manipulation

For twenty years, I have been angry that my enemies have been wrecking the weather and the country for harm.  How did I come to such a belief, you might ask?  For one, an increasing attack against my life came to a point of no denying that enemies contended against me with witchcraft.  Then there are specific things:
  • On a gloomy day about the Fall of 1995, two white Nortel employees sitting at a nearby table in the cafeteria looked at me and said they were going to freeze over Canada.  Then that winter was the coldest recently on record notably even killing Valencia orange trees in Florida.  The possibility that the deed was done to extort senior management to keep jobs in our area then was raised when loads of equipment and work that had been moved to Canada and elsewhere poured back into our plant.   Later in about 1999, I made a confirming discovery on Nortel's intranet.  They had copies of Canadian law governing weather alteration.  So too a comment made by a manager in an employee meeting about the year 2000 seems consistent with these deductions.  Without elaborating on the reason, he said that senior management in Canada regarded our facility to be arrogant.  I concur.
  • Also in 1999, a friend asked me what I thought about the approaching hurricane Floyd to which I replied that it should go out to sea and go away.  The next day a black man presented his custom tee shirt.  It said something to the effect that the good that someone – presumably me – intended would not happen, that they would prevent it.  When later, I got diarrhea from feces placed in my water filter under the house, I wondered if someone had retaliated in hypocrisy for what my adversaries had done.
  • Then on another day as I was driving home from town, I prayed to shut down an adversary's spirit box.  Then immediately, a deluge poured on me from nowhere.  It did not appear to have rained anywhere else at all.  O well!
Of course if it is deduced that Nortel had blackmailed Bill Clinton then it is also suspect that he protected them in these as well.1

Perhaps it would not be fair to blame my adversaries for all of the bad weather.  To this end, I researched to verify a theory that some disastrous weather was caused by the disruption of the jet stream by western wildfires.  I reasoned that the strong updraft from a fire could create such a disruption.  So I poured over a jet stream database on the internet with a listing of the wildfires at hand.  Indeed it appeared that the jet stream was significantly altered when the wild fires broke out.  I noticed also from the list of wildfires that the incidence of wildfires only increased significantly from 2001 on.  The suspicion that would then be raised that the fires pertained to the war on terrorism was validated by a claim of responsibility by Muslim terrorists for a major fire in Arizona that killed many firefighters.  Then the current political climate might create the suspicion that Muslims are protected as well.

What about global warming?  A rise of slightly more than one degree Celsius from 1800 to 1998 after which it is claimed to have not risen anymore does not deserve the alarm that its proponents raise.  Then yearly deviations swamp the one degree plus rise, so that one could conclude that the data was not statistically significant.  Then even the NASA scientist that originated the theory only counts the rise from 1955 and afterward attributable to car pollution and carbon dioxide.  Ignored is the fact that the majority of the rise occurred before 1955.  Here the fact that contradictory data is ignored shows bad science or outright political fraud.

What is worse is that the innocent seemed to be lined up to blame.  First God, then those that worship Him.  Indeed, during the summer of 1994 my adversaries signaled their intent to blame me for any evil they did.  They did so when they slipped me a get well card depicting a farmer drenched with rain, saying, “Get well soon!”

When hurricane Sandy started up, I thought "those witches are going to mess up the election."  So too, when Chris Christie befriended Obama and said, "What next, a plague of locusts,"  I could wonder if he had changed sides.  No wonder I said afterward that I believed that Obama supporters prayed the hurricane.  It is odd too that voters swayed thereby would have to think Obama subject to God's judgment and still side with him.

199406rainbow.jpgNow if you are wondering if the current hurricane Matthew had a political purpose, the fact that invisible tampering against me seems to contend to protect Clinton since I wrote the article Clinton's Obsession enlarges the circle of suspects outside of just supporters of such.  If these suspicions were not enough, it is obvious that the Clintons and the Democrats have ruined the election to grab power, a grab I believe among other things is meant to enable a permanent cover up.

God may have spoken on this topic as well.2  In June 1994, I and my parents passed through the end of a miracle rainbow.  God knowing what the enemy would do reiterated his promise in Genesis to deny responsibility for witchcraft induced weather:

And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud:  And I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh. (Gen 9:14-15)

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2See related article God Disclaims Responsibility for Weather.

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