May 27, 2009


The Mystery of Iniquity


I intend here to give show the nature of forces and of events that may propel an antichrist manifesting occult powers onto the world stage in these days.  As Paul predicted:


For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let[1], until he be taken out of the way.  And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:  (2Thess 2:7-8)


Occult activities have been practiced throughout the ages at least in small groups.  Even in western civilization, which considered itself too intelligent to believe in such superstition, such practices continued in private among some in many places.


The discovery of magic texts by archaeologists permitted the spread of occult knowledge into elite circles. That a politician, educated at a university where such a thing could have been learned, wrote a story which many critics called “the most powerful and appalling story of the supernatural ever printed in the English language”[2] is a coincidence consistent with this idea.  A more concrete demonstration of this connection is shown by the education of Aleister Crowley at the same university.  In December 1896, in his second year at Trinity College, Cambridge, Aleister turned to Occultism and Mysticism as a result of an event that he describes only in vague terms.  His exploits after this time earned him the reputation as the “Wickedest Man in the World.”[3]  A common occult source text, “The Egyptian Book of the Dead,” may be the source of this knowledge as it came into circulation by archaeology during this period. Portions of the book were placed in Egyptian burial sites by the ancients to be discovered by archaeologists in more modern times.  The first modern collection of the texts was published in 1842 by Egyptologist Karl Richard Lepsius.[4]  Thus, the bizarre and untimely misfortunes alleged to have happened to Howard Carter and his associates, who discovered Tutankhamen’s tomb, may be more likely due to infighting among those newly acquainted with magic than to the curse to which it is commonly attributed.  The Bible documents the burning of such texts by new converts:


Many of them also which used curious arts brought their books together, and burned them before all men: and they counted the price of them, and found it fifty thousand pieces of silver. (Acts 19:19)


This is not to infer that all students that are thus exposed at an elite university will practice witchcraft, nor that such exposure would necessarily occur in the archaeology or anthropology department of its origin.  I failed to complete an education at a university where such was possible and saw no sign of such a thing.  The nature of human curiosity and temptation will ensure that some practice such and their high-caliber education will propel them into many positions of influence and power.


Espionage serves this same end in a supporting way.  Widespread surveillance also opened up knowledge of the occult outside of the circles that had previously practiced it.  Curiosity and easy means to fulfill it made the learning of the dark things of the world an inevitable consequence of such technology for those who had access to it.  The sort of elite occultist described above would be among their likely targets.  This creates a class of spy (government or corporate) that might also prey on those of their targets that they do not like.


The person of Michael A. Aquino gives substance to the relationship between the occult and intelligence activities.  While advancing in a career as an Army Psychological Operations Officer, Aquino was faithfully involved in the occult beginning as a member of the Church of Satan in San Francisco.  After a disagreement with Anton LaVey, he set out and established his own occult sect, the Temple of Set.  Over the years he has weathered many allegations of pedophilia without being convicted, most notably the scandal at the Presidio day care center in San Francisco.  In 1994, a former member of his cult had a restraining order placed on him for harassment pertaining to her departure from his temple.[5]  He attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Army while engaged in these activities.  Because such information is assumed secret, I was not surprised that I could not verify allegations that he had attained the rank of general in the NSA.


All of this is done in the West.  Non-western powers likely have similar and perhaps different means to the same ends.


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Adapted from a similar passage in my possibly censored book.





 [1] In 1611 English, let means hinder

[2] The Bedside Book of Famous British Stories, 1940 – Biographical note on Edward Bulwer-Lytton (1803-1873) whose story The House and the Brain is featured.

[3] Wikipedia, May 18, 2009, article “Aleister Crowley” – Note:  I prefer to cite first hand sources, but the evil of this man is so great that I would not risk the corruption to enquire.  Regardless, this information is known by many to be true.

[4] Encyclopedia Britannica 2002, Article “Book of the Dead”

[5] The San Francisco Chronicle, June 24, 1994 – “Restraining Order Against Cult Founder Granted”