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Books offered.


Mapping the Guitar Fingerboard

Authored by Wayne Stegall

Mapping the Guitar Fingerboard is a unique and concise guide to learning the fingerboard of the guitar. Regular practice will produce instant recall of every note on the guitar fingerboard in all locations of occurrence. No claim is made of trivial learning ease, all worthwhile endeavors require work. Instead, I assert instead that the study material presented is efficient.  more....

Get it at Amazon (United States):  link
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Unseen Enemy

An Eyewitness Account of the Betrayal of America

Authored by Wayne Stegall

A chance encounter with persons associated with espionage activities make me a target of ongoing covert operations. In the course of doing so, my adversaries stir a maelstrom of trouble seemingly significant to the course of prophecy and to the future of the nation.  The truth is stranger than fiction.  Very strange!

Primary sales page:  link  link  link

For other Amazon sites or if these links break enter my name in Amazon search box.  I will post links to other sales outlets later.

New and Recent Additions

  • New audio article:  DIY Power Conditioning  April 19, 2024.  Add an X capacitor and then a ferrite bead to a surge protector for RFI suppression.
  • Updated contact page:  Contact  March 13, 2023.  Added some examples of my experience with intercepted communications.
  • New political article:  Elijah Law  March 2, 2023  Secret law brings summary judgement against supposed end time actors.
  • New political article:  The Worst Thing I've Ever DoneFebruary 3, 2023.  Created.
  • External link:  Pelosi attack suspect David DePape was a psychotic homeless addict estranged from his pedophile lover & their children  October 29, 2022  New York Post.
  • Updated audio article:  Local Feedback  Updated September 26, 2022.  Correct Compensated Phase Margin in chart where values transposed.
  • New audio article:  DIY Mogami Speaker Cables  July 5, 2022.  Coaxial speaker cables improve the sound of my stereo.
  • New political article:  Pharaoh's Magicians  January 17, 2022.
  • External link:  Twix Halloween Commercial  October 31, 2021.  Watch this one close.  It's really diabolical.  Left's brave new world?
  • New political article:  What Would Jesus Do?  October 29, 2021.
  • New political article:  Hacked Spiral  June 14, 2021.
  • New political article:  Prophets?  June 1, 2021.
  • New political article:  You Will Be Assimilated May 1, 2021.
  • External link: PART 1: CNN Director ADMITS Network Engaged in ‘Propaganda’ to Remove Trump from Presidency April 13, 2021.
  • New political article:  Shadow Cabal   February 21, 2021.  Democrats admit conspiracy to steal election.
  • New political article:  Click Your Heels  January 9, 2021.  The election was stolen and you know it.
  • New political article:  Consequences of Anarchy  December 16, 2020.
  • Updated guitar article:  Spanish Music Theory  February 22, 2020.  What underlies the Spanish sound?  Updated October 12, 2020  Added more chords to chord tables and a new section on Harmonic Theory.
  • New political article:  Framed!?  August 27, 2020.  Police are setup by subtlety.
  • Updated audio article:  Noise Shaping Music  Updated July 1, 2020  Added text to Final Remarks better clarifying why high bit resolution (32bit?) is desired in audio DACs..
  • New political article:  War on the Police  June 28, 2020.
  • New political article:  End Times?  March 19, 2020.  A Brief Explanation Relating Today's Events to Bible Prophecy.
  • New guitar article:  Spanish Music Theory  February 22, 2020.  What underlies the Spanish sound?  Updated February 22, 2020..  Added minor improvements.  Changed term subdominant to predominant to indicate function rather than a specific chord.
  • New Strange Link:  Drag Queen Story Hour - Queering the children.  Added September 11, 2019.
  • New political article:  Darkened Hearts  May 6, 2019.  Rationalization poses to harm society.
  • Updated guitar article: Guitar Shape July 24, 2018.  Mathematical modeling of guitar shape leads to modeling program.  Updated November 28, 2018.  Program version 1.2.0.  Added fingerboard, data, and side length displays..  Internal changes increase resolution of shape plot and reliability of program.  Updated December 5, 2018. .Program version 1.3.0.  Extended horizontal guitar outline for improved appearance.  Added neck joiin fret override for fixed calculation.  Now can activate fingerboard from Soundhole dialog.  Made corrections to figure titles.  Updated December 5, 2018.  Program version 1.3.1.  Added more input validation and error checking to Soundhole dialog.  Updated January 10, 2019.  Program version 1.4.0  Added graphic help for coefficients.
  • Updated political article:  Sayoc Unmasked  November 2, 2018.  Coverup of bomber's Democratic past.  Updated November 5, 2018.  Corrected some misspellings and added section Additional Remarks..
  • New political article:  The Unseen War  September 7, 2018.
  • New audio article:  One-Bend Amplifier  May 15, 2018.  Part 5: Set bias for class B/AB and evaluate results.
  • Updated political article:  Norwegian Spiral  Update April 24, 2018.  1.1GTon flyby of Asteroid 2018 GE3 on April 15, 2018 shows that the singularity is still throwing rocks.
  • New guitar article:  Memorization  April 2, 2018.  A scientific method to memorize your music (or anything else).
  • New guitar article:  Straight Intonation  March 15, 2018.  Calculate the approximate intonation error of an intonation with a straight nut and saddle.
  • New political article:  No Peace  February 19, 2018.
  • Updated political article:  Insurrection  April 1, 2017.  Updated February 15, 2018.  Corrected a misspelling and improved some wording..
  • New audio article:  Input/Output Bypass Board  February 6, 2018.
  • New guitar article:  Mapping the Guitar Fingerboard  December 27, 2017.  How to learn all of the notes on your guitar's fingerboard.
  • New guitar article:  Custom Intonation  December 20, 2017.  A tale of giving my guitar a custom intonation adjustment.
  • New guitar article:  Scale Analysis Program  November 25, 2017.  Program determines chords supported by input scale.  Updated.November 26, 2017.  Added override for flats and sharps.  Updated November 29, 2017.  Modify program to retain selected scale in Input Dialog on reentry and a Clear button to clear it.
  • New audio article:   My Favorite Source Component  November 3, 2017.
  • New political article:  Separation of Ruthlessness  September 25, 2017.
  • New audio article:  State Variable Tone Control  July 14, 2017.
  • External Link:  30 GOP Congressmen Have Been Attacked or Threatened Since May, Alex Griswold, June 22, 2017, The Washington Free Beacon,
  • External Link:  Liberals Plot Revenge as Donald Trump Assumes the Presidency, Michael Scherer, January 20, 2017, Time | Politics,  A confession of subversion from the liberals' own allies.  The primary agent of revenge here, David Brock, previously declared war to destroy FOX news.  Hmm... what of O'Reilly's demise?
  • New political article:  Smoking Gun  April 18, 2017.  New evidence of witness tampering.
  • Re-updated audio article:  Sealed-box Speaker Equalizer  January 14, 2017  Part 1:  Chebychev design methods allow the design of speaker equalizer.  Updated  January 14, 2017.  Added missing last curly brace not copied with program and added mention of use of SPICE Opus.  Updated  January 14, 2017.  Added input for user to input his own C1/C2 choice to program.  Updated March 21, 2017.  Added section Determining speaker parameters.
  • Updated audio article:  Sealed-box Speaker Equalizer  March 18, 2017  Part 2:  Design of equalizer with n-channel JFETs.  Updated March 19, 2017.  Corrected incorrect filenames in program use instructions and added a brief paragraph on buffer design.
  • External link:  Amazing Evidence For God – Scientific Evidence For God.
  • New audio article:  Chebychev Filter Synthesis  December 31, 2016.
  • New political article:  False Flag  December 15, 2016.  Accusations of Russian hacking are only cover for the censorship of political free speech and an ongoing attempt to steal the election.
  • Updated audio article:  Butterworth Filter Synthesis  November 18, 2016.  Updated November 25, 2016.  Added highpass bode plot and example of calculation of pole angles and Qs.
  • New political article:  Cabal  November 1, 2016.  Plot to destroy me in 1994 raises questions concerning Clinton's involvement.
  • Updated political article: Orbit  October 21, 2016.  An atonishing excerpt from my book shows my enemies' ruthlessness.  Updated October 26, 2016  Added a new paragraph at the end of the article – entitled Other Witnesses – perhaps as astonishing at the original article itself.
  • New political article:  Witchy Weather  October 13, 2016.  Eyewitness testimony suggests weather manipulation.
  • New political article:  Tony Soprano for President  September 23, 2016.  Is it possible that America could elect a criminal for President?  Updated October 7, 2016  Added new footnotes and links to them and those already present.
  • External Link:  Bombshell Report Details EVERY Clinton Sex Assault Victim  The Political Insider.
  • Updated political article:  Where's Larry?  May 12, 2014.  Larry Nicols has been silent since he confessed to be the Clintons' hit man.  Updated September 13, 2016.  Contracted all occurrences of the word that some might think should be censored.
  • New political article:  This Circus is Rigged  March 4, 2016.  Hillary's plot to steal the election.
  • Updated political article:  Salt Required  February 22, 2016.  The real reason conservatives are losing the battle for America.  February 23, 2016.  Added wording to clarifiy the idea that some operate the wrath of God.
  • New political article:  Hard Ball  July 18, 2015.  What my enemies most want to hide from you.  Updated August 23, 2015.  Added disclaimer about the telling of deceiving a crimina
  • Updated political article:  Clinton's Obsession  October 16, 2013.  Updated November 19, 2013.  Added postscript The Empire Strikes Back.

Testimony of

Testimony of Tyranny

Testimony of Tyranny

God Disclaims
                    Responsibility for Abnormal Weather

Proof of

Proof of

Proof of Censorship


America’s most censored book is here

A prayer to God to serve him begins a series of visions and revelations.  Unknown to me, dark forces target me after I have a chance encounter with persons connected to espionage activities.  Presumably provoked by the report of my visionary religious experience, they spread slander to end my ministry opportunities.  By another twist of fate, the same company who set the dark forces against me employs me as a technician.  Because of meddlesome spying, they set in motion events betraying their espionage to me.  The dark forces then use diabolical devices against my mind to silence any attempts to report their activities.  They torture me with their devices for two years until I recover by prayer.  When I speak to my grandmother of the possibility of suing, they decide to put an end to me altogether.  They execute a carefully crafted plot by means of witchcraft, but it does not finish me off as they planned.  As a result, they cause great damage to my community and fulfill a revelation given during my call.  While I suffer persecution under their brutish efforts to cover up and contain the consequences of their crimes, I begin to reason and deduce some of what had happened.  The occasion of my sanctification experience in 1996 turns the course of events back to my favor.  As I contend with God’s help to come back from the hard place my enemies had put me in, I deduce the remainder of the mystery and accumulate testimony sufficient for a compelling book. Along the way, unusual events and twists captivate and drive the reader.  The book answers many of the readers’ questions about what has been going on in America, who is behind it, what are their motives and devices.

I began writing this book to document my experience of persecution, then realized that I had a story others would want to read.  I have written a unique book with broad appeal.  Those who care about America and her future will certainly want to read it.



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