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Persecution in America?

And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.  (1John 4:3)

The genocide of Sudanese Christians got little coverage by the American press, but when Muslims massacre other Muslims in the same area, the world rushes to "save Darfur."
  A radical homosexual group, Bash Back, desecrates a church service in Lansing, Michigan.  Many bible believing churches in the San Francisco area have been persecuted in some way.  Recently, two black Christians were murdered in Florida by a troubled young black teen to whom they had witnessed.  A homosexual gains the arrest of a Christian teen by deliberately provoking a fight (Was the officer dusted with fairy dust?).  All these go unmentioned in our national media.  How many church arsons have we had since 1994?

In a society that many hope is a democracy, people do not want to believe such could happen.  Non-believers have said that the majority status of Christianity would make claims of persecution implausible.  A website monitoring global Christian persecution posted a statement that they did not want to receive any reports of alleged Christian persecution in America.  Christians who keep up with these issues know otherwise.  Even some Jews, sensitive because of their own persecution, have said the attitude toward and treatment of Christians here reminded them of the signs preceding their own persecution in Europe before World War II.

It seems that our culture is driven by activism.  Small interest groups vigorously use the means of law and politics to advance their aims.  Large groups are presumed to have an advantage or to be able to defend their own interests, but in reality have no one advocating their interests in the same way.  The tendency of many Christians to pass over offenses sets them up to be victims of this blood sport.  Radical atheism, homosexuality, feminism, and others are working every angle to get an advantage against a group of people who oppose them ideologically but wish them no harm.  It is alleged that homosexual activists have made a mission statement that they would either subvert the church to gain their acceptance or change the situation against them as an alternative.  The idea that the constitution guarantees rights to Christians did not even enter the thoughts of the man who commented on CNN after the 2006 election, "Christians should not be involved in politics!"  What a double standard!

Meanwhile, another agenda rolls from the top.  Those whose quest for money and power drive them to globalize everything for their own interest know that apocalyptic scriptures put their ambitions in a very bad light.  The Christian voices they fear would cry out against them must be silenced.  Control of most media outlets and the subversion of our government by their influence money ensures the means to do so.  As a result, a calculated reduction of Christian reputation and influence is advanced slowly in hopes that it will escape public notice.  More damage is intended in the end than can be seen in a short view of their machinations.

If you think this implausible, the way blacks were treated before the civil rights movement proves our society is capable of systematic wrong.  The postmodern (dis)utopia that is being pressed by all these forces seems to have no place for Bible-believing Christians.  Christians need to begin to assert their rights as much as principle allows before the only place left to go is up.

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