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Sayoc Unmasked

Coverup of bomber's Democratic past

Like many, I wanted to know who is Cesar Sayoc.  In deducing his nationality, I entered search words "cesar Sayoc filipino" and after examining several sites eventually detected an interesting entry.


I had seen this before with a Wikileaks entry and suspected censorship.  The listing of the entry by its IP address indicates that web was not translating the domain name for this site for whatever reason.  To investigate the suspicion of censorship, searched Google for "dns server down" and similar to eliminate a widespread problem of this type and found none.


Checking the link to resulted in error 410.  According to (World Wide Web Consortium): this means that the file is known to have existed but has been deleted.  If someone had created a bogus path to a non-existent file the error would have been 404 instead.  I concluded that access to the website was blocked long enough to allow the removal of all Sayoc's material from the web.  Then there would be no counter-story to that which would benefit liberal election prospects.  By doing so I thought they had left no proof of the matter either and put it aside.

On November 11, I decided to look again at Cesar Sayoc.  This time I was intrigued that liberal internet pundits were trying to discredit photos going around purporting to pose Cesar with a major Democratic contributor.  I had earlier seen their attempt to discredit a photo of Dr. Ford's lawyer - Debra Katz - with Hillary Clinton which was claimed to associate her as a Clinton fundraiser and the picture was of Ms. Katz.  Then my investigations brought me back to the original subject.

It was then that I found a webpage entitled CESAR SAYOC: ‘MAGA BOMBER’ FACEBOOK BETRAYS DEMOCRAT TRUMP INFILTRATOR, ANTI-GOP POSTS.1  There the missing was displayed.  The article's author said he obtained the article before it was deleted and it showed Mr. Sayoc listed as a Democrat.  After 5 minutes he went back and it had been edited to Republican instead.

Figure 2: asserting Sayoc a Democrat

Figure 2: showing change from Democrat to Republican.


It is commonly believed that the radical Left controls a significant part of the Web – both social media and important infrastructure – and that they slant or censor it for ideological advantage.  Here they are caught doing just that.

Additional Remarks

I originally thought not to go much beyond the facts as I had them and let you read Shad Olson's article for elaboration.  If I left you uncertain about what was being concealed, consider the following.  It is reasonable for Cesar Sayoc to have been a Democrat before supporting Trump.  This is true whether he subsequently changed party or not.  These are careful conclusions.  Given the treachery of some activists, worse could be suspected.  These I leave to you.


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