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An atonishing excerpt from my book shows my enemies' ruthlessness.


On one day in the spring of 1996 when I went to the men's room, I saw a Nortel employee – a short young white man with brown hair – wear a tee shirt saying “Next step: Orbit.”  The malice by which he glanced at me informed me of new treachery to beware.

If there were a next step, then there was a previous as well.  Indeed just prior I had made the mistake of taking a newly-obtained Latina pen-pal brochure to work.  Then events began to happen to give notice that my adversaries were up to evil again. A Honda commercial included an insinuation that someone traveling to South America would be unable to complete his trip for terror. On hearing a radio news report that North Carolina SBI Agents were desperately struggling to keep Colombian thugs from entering at airports, I decided that Nortel must have stirred up something bigger than I wanted to deal with.  If I had had more presence of mind I would have deduced that State police could not guard all of America's airports and that they were just expressing fear of what my adversaries had done.  Out of frustration, I shredded my pen pal magazines by hand and hoped the trouble to pass me over having not yet even written one letter.  On one day during this time, the phone rang. When I picked it up, I found myself thrust into the middle of a conversation between two Spanish speaking persons. I hung up quickly hoping to escape their notice. Apparently, my adversaries did not want me to escape from the trouble that they had caused me.

Now I was watching for their next move.  First, a Chinese visit to our plant caused anxiety among some, perhaps for fear of losing jobs.  Then when an occult attack against me coincided with China's war games against Taiwan on March 7, 1996, I wondered what my enemies had done.  While this was still going on, one morning before work, the local news carried an odd broadcast. They showed a map of the eastern United States. They highlighted the Atlantic states from about Washington D.C. down to northern Florida.  This area would have to be destroyed, they said.

At lunch one day, I noticed other employees, mostly white-collar types, that they seemed very tense.  Surely what for some was an act of revenge posed consequences too gruesome to bear for the rest.  Also I suspected that they were on a tear of witchcraft of some kind.  Soon the news reported that protesters threw rocks at Bill Clinton while he was visiting Eastern Europe.  Then one day my mom related how a tractor trailer rig had harassed her much of the way down highway 86 before it went its way.  After this the news reported that the FBI had been forced to act prematurely to arrest a mob gang and its leader.

On a Friday in May, the enemy attacked my mind while I was playing guitar.  A male voice spoke in counterfeit tongues - something like random syllables spliced together - then said, "This is a gift from satan!"  This sham created my first suspicion that technology was being used to project voices into my mind.  After I finished with the guitar, I drove to the store through a thick attack of witchcraft.  At the intersection of Club Boulevard and Buchanan Street, the stoplights were swaying wildly even though there was no wind.  Although a reasoning mind would suspect psychological warfare, the thought of witchcraft would make you think all of the wolves were howling.  Strange.  Very strange.

That weekend, I went to the mountains with my parents.  On the next day, apparently at the instigation of the authorities the following events occurred. First my family and my friends pointed out how unusual the sky looked. Looking up, the stars appeared brighter and closer than they did normally. Certainly one would be reminded of the scriptures that said that the “heavens would be shaken” pertaining to the end times. Inside the trailer, they carried on an unbiblical conversation about prophecy centering on interpreting the Great Red Dragon of Revelation twelve as China. I was so certain that they knew better, that I believed others urged this topic on them. Toward the beginning of the conversation, Dad fell asleep. (Perhaps, God was sparing him from being involved in this thing.) After the conversation was over, I went back outside. In the sky, the “stars” were flying away quietly with their beacon lights blinking. The whole thing had been a government-arranged hoax, perpetrated to shake my faith in the Bible and to stop me from doing what was actually my enemies’ activity. Moreover, they timed the deception to convince me that the events pertained to my having played the guitar, also likely confirming that they used technology against my mind to initiate the deception. Also, the mention of China in their script confirmed my suspicions that they were guilty of complications with China of which they wanted to be rid of the blame.

Toward the end of that year, because it appeared that my adversaries were desperate enough even to scapegoat my guitar, I took it to a slate bench in the backyard to play it away from my enemies’ surveillance. I came under attack while playing, the intent of which appeared to be to force me to stop playing and to remember the government hoax against me pertaining to the stars in the sky earlier in the spring. At the same time, I heard a visitor to my neighbor talk in the next yard about my playing guitar. She said she had recorded many of my songs. How could my adversaries so violate me that anyone could steal my intellectual property? Even I did not have a recording of my own music that I played at that time. At break at work soon after, a coworker sat opposite me. At some point, he began to say “stars, stars…” while holding both hands up and throwing his fingers forward multiply – a gesture usually meant to infer the operation of magic.  “So he is among those witching me, trying to compel me to quit playing guitar,” I thought. After having not played the guitar long enough to give them whatever advantage they desired against me, I was left only with my anger to wait for the time that God would help me to take it back from them.


Apart from the witness of the text, a few comments may be in order.  If it is thought that higher players were only mistaken when they came after me, the threat against the East coast shows that they were after something else.  Then you have to think that someone knew that my enemies were guilty and would scapegoat me anyway.  The stunt would also have to presume the cover of the extortion done to me in 1994 to expect my silence.2  Indeed, they would have to scapegoat me because of the blackmail standoff between both enemy factions and also because of their fear that exposure would unravel all of their crimes, perhaps all the way back to 1990.  The ruthless do not allow any such threat to their well being.  What had East coast citizens done?  Were they only pawns in a psychological ploy or had they become expendable somehow, as by knowing too much?  Then If the Democrats of North Carolina disclaim association with these events, it is odd that former Governer James B. Hunt sat on Nortel's board of directors in its final years. 

Take your country back from ruthless if you can.

Other Witnesses3

I happened into the local Christian bookstore in the Fall of 1996.  There on an impulse I bought a issue of Charisma magazine.  Apart from reading the articles the most interesting thing were ads to sell books in the back.  Some of the books claimed to tell of visions the authors had that submarines submerged off the coast of America were prepared to launch against the east coast.  Another claimed that the threat was against both coasts.  Of course this seemed uncannily similar to the threat I had seen earlier in the year on television.  Whether rumors of the broadcast I had seen had gotten around and inspired these or they actually saw a real danger I do not know.  However, it does means that I am not the only witness of the threat one way or the other.  In addition there were broadcasts during the time of trouble where video static was substituted for the normal background of some programming that would create quite a stir of questions or rumors even if they were broadcast this way only in a limited area.  Perhaps we are lucky to have survived the standoff between Nortel and Clinton.  Will American voters try our luck again or has Hillary sealed our fate?

1Wayne Stegall, "Unseen Enemy:  An Eyewitness Account of the Betrayal of America."  Excerpt somewhat rewritten to better fit article format.
2See related article Hardball: What my enemies most want to hide from you.
3I delayed adding this part of the article until I could check and see if I still had the magazine issue proving it.  I could not find it, but you need to know anyway.

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