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May 1, 2021.  See Document History at end for details.

You Will Be Assimilated

We are witnessing forced assimilation to a radical ideology:  One intolerant of dissenting opinions, unethical, capable of the overthrow of democracy, whose interests persecute Bible morality sufficiently to threaten the future of Christianity.

After Democrats gained control of the U.S. government through undemocratic means in the election of 2020, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortes and other declared that conservatives needed to be reprogrammed.  Astonishing that persons feigning kindness and democracy really advocate tyranny.  If you are astute, you will realize that reprogramming has long been underway first by subtle means then by those more overt.  A mainstream media who once claimed to be watchdog of democracy - what they call a fourth estate - has now become mere liberally-slanted news entertainment with no more pretense of fairness.  Meanwhile, social media has taken control of the minds of the masses.  Knowing that they had created a peer relationship between millions of strangers, the radicals in control of the system used this power to bend the minds of the masses by selectively controlling who is allowed to participate.

How insidious.  Now the liberals think with one mind - a collective consciousness of sorts - resulting in the strangest of ideas being advanced as fact by those affected.  The derangement of mentally ill persons is even proscribed as truth, truth requiring their dismemberment and our acceptance of both.  Those thinking people unconfused by anyone's gender or any of the other presented lies are then ostracized as "haters" by the collective.  Then those of strong enough mind to dissent are viewed as targets of more specific reprogramming as some of the perpetrators have said.  This is posed to bring tyranny to America if those who just came to power can legislate the completion of this evil.

The threat is real and imminent.  If you think it cannot happen here, look elsewhere in the west.  A law in Canada jails a person for speaking against trangenderism.  Victoria Australia has or is proposing to pass a law that gives a ten year sentence for praying for the deliverance of perverse individuals.  Scotland is proceeding to advance a law criminalizing the private speech of individuals in their homes alleged as hate speech, something that England and Wales also considered.  This is only a sampling of news that does not get through mainstream media censorship.

And it gets worse!   Some thoughtful person once stated that in view of the growing addiction to the internet and social media, that in thirty years the masses will demand to be connected directly to the internet in their minds.  And this is not just an idea, scientists claim to have make progress in advancing the enabling technology.  Then again, eager addicts may be unwilling to wait 30 years.  There can be no doubt that the completion of assimilation will leave no escape.

If this reminds you of the Borg of science fiction, you should be afraid.  Very afraid.

You will be assimilated!

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