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In his effort to keep informed, the patriot must be wary of another device:

Disinformation1:  False information deliberately and often covertly spread (as by the planting of rumors) in order to influence public opinion or obscure the truth.

A direct denial of a secret often draws attention to the very thing it is intended to conceal.  When anti-globalists protest, if they are called what they are, it becomes necessary to discuss issues of globalism that globalists would rather not discuss.  Instead these people are labeled in a manner to divert their issues such as anarchists or others.  Whereas intrigue is a normal part of politics, whether legal or otherwise,  backroom political agendas expected to be unpopular must be camouflaged.  Disinformation becomes the means to this end.  In fact globalists have worked this device to the virtual invisibility of their existence.  Begin a conversation with some with "The CFR..." and eyes will roll, faces will take on signs of incredulity, body language infer the desire to change the conversation.  Begin to tell them about the Bilderburgers and their eyes will betray their calculation of your sanity.  To the sheep, these organizations do not exist, in spite of having street addresses and even websites.  The four-story limestone mansion housing the Council on Foreign Relations headquarters on 68th Street in New York City might as well have a cloaking device installed for the power of words to conceal them.
Picture of verbally cloaked building on 68th Street in New York City taken between disinformation campaigns.
cfr 68th st

In practice, it would be difficult to track down the rumors created for disinformation to their source.  It would be better to logically examine some of the conspiracy theories that abound to assess plausibly which are the actual secrets which some desire to conceal and which represent the subterfuge meant to conceal them.

Consider the Global Warming Lie.  A well established environmental agenda becomes subterfuge to cover for a push for needed energy independence.2  How about the 911 Conspiracies?  Accusations of a government plot to bring down the twin towers to create a pretext for war becomes the means to obscure real questions pertaining to the unexpected neat fall of the buildings.3  UFO sightings are used as cover for experimental aircraft flights.  Many open secrets exist because of deliberate or accidental misinformation of this type.

Rumors abound, listeners beware!
This allegedly secret Lockheed craft with an approximately 600ft wing span (5 acres?!) could use some verbal camouflage.  This image itself could be disinformation, but it still serves to illustrate the point..
lockheed stealth blimp

I was reading on the CIA's website where they depicted all of the odd technologies they researched over the years.  Some were plausible and others not.  One said that in the early seventies they designed and deployed an insect sized unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) resembling an actual insect of small size.  This does not seem a plausible development of the technology of that time.  Possible disinformation?  I think they were caught in the very act.  This is the actual text that I copied from their website:

Dragonfly Insectothopter
Developed by CIA’s Office of Research and Development in the 1970s, this micro UAV was the first flight of an insect-sized vehicle (insectothopter). It was intended to prove the concept of such miniaturized platforms for intelligence collection.

Insectothopter had a miniature engine to move the wings up and down. A small amount of gas was used to drive the engine, and the excess was vented out the rear for extra thrust. The flight tests were impressive. However, control in any kind of crosswind proved too difficult.

A blogger once posted that the CIA could spy by shrinking themselves and their aircraft down to insect size and fly around the houses of their targets.  The apparent relation between this absurd conclusion and the above CIA disclosure illuminates how disinformation can develop among those whom it is intended to discredit.  All this probably to conceal some more plausible yet still secret surveillance technology.

Believe, but don't believe everything!

1From Merriam Webster's 11th Collegiate Dictionary.
2See article The Politics of Global Warming
3See article Demolition 911

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