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Clinton's Obsession

The election of George Bush in 2000 greatly distressed those who hoped to continue concealment of the crimes of Nortel and their accomplices.  Certainly, I had seen the signs.  Nortel seemingly spied on everyone to advance their interests and no doubt they had to manage the president too.  It would be unlikely to the mind of anyone that knew what was going on that they would do otherwise.  I had perhaps noticed minor clues, but one day there was finally no doubt.  The word at work, that spoken with the certainty typical of that presumed from espionage, was that Bill Clinton was going to invade Iraq.  No, not just bomb it, but to actually invade it.  After a period of seeing no mention of this intent in the news, Clinton bombed Baghdad as most remember.  Having established that Nortel spied on Clinton, their obsession that he remain in power suggests further that they blackmailed him as well.  During the days leading up to Clinton's impeachment, Nortel management was obviously angry and upset.  What was wrong?  Then when my house was invaded on the eve of the Senate impeachment vote, I knew they were angry that Clinton's impeachment would end their means of concealment.  I reasoned that If I was spied on as designated scapegoat, this espionage could at times be visible to wider circles in high political places.  Later, shortly after Bush actually won the presidency, an employee meeting hosted by Nortel senior management insinuated a plea of forgiveness from some unnamed person.  Yes, now they were more afraid than ever.

If Clinton shared any of Nortel's motive to tamper with process, I would have to watch the news to see if he made any move to tamper Bush.  After watching to no particular outcome, finally it was announced that both presidents Bush would attend the inauguration of Clinton's presidential library.  Sure enough, Bush senior and Clinton suddenly became best of pals.  What might Clinton say?  He might allege that investigation into certain matters would implicate covert activities against me during his father's administration.  Perhaps Bush junior would not want to subject his father to that kind of scrutiny.  Indeed, Nortel had caused so much trouble in 1990 by reckless espionage activity that Federal agents were milling around town trying to discover what was going on.  This prompted Nortel and their accomplices to plunge me into darkness to make sure that I could not tell.  In this light, a military-caliber flamethrower assault against me in 2006 was certainly defending issues arising from Clinton's terms in office whether the activity went around Bush or through him by means of deception.  Then when the assault was revealed, Bush could be extorted by the Democrats to go away quietly with no opportunity to defend himself.

Clinton however was not content with just this maneuver however, as he, along with Rahm Emanuel, was the primary operative pushing a desperate campaign to regain power for the Democrats during the Congressional elections of 2006.  Apart from the obvious continual slander of Bush, they did some unprecedented things as well, things perhaps signaling desperation on their part.  One was pressuring their benefactors for funds.  It is normal protocol not to do this because of fear of alienating their economic base.  You really can't ordinarily boss a billionaire or manipulate him because they have a sense of power perhaps bigger than the politicians they finance.  Then in 2008, you could not fail to notice that Bill's crusade to elect his wife showed an abnormally short temper.  This time he could not afford to lose, although the Democrats and Obama would likely go to any length to protect their shared interests.  Finally he did lose and then had the fortune to have Hillary placed in Obama's cabinet to give him hope that they could manipulate their interests.
Now Hillary is campaigning for Terry McAuliffe, someone close enough to their circle to be their operative.

The Clintons have long been close with McAuliffe. He headed the Democratic National Committee while President Clinton was in office and was a top fundraiser for Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign.1

Could I trust him to be governor when the governance of Virginia stands to influence the outcome of the seemingly obstructed investigations of covert crimes associated with Clinton and Nortel.2  After that I have to consider any significance of Hillary's aspirations for the presidency.

Don't let them extinguish the light at the end of the tunnel, if there is one.

The Empire Strikes Back

On the day before the election,  I went to upload a correction to my website.  When I did, I found my linux installation hacked impeding my desire to use what I thought a more secure linux to do the upload.  The means to mount my usual removable media had been disabled.  I had thought that I had secured this installation better than ever on the last linux reload.  However, I had just made a new installation of Windows 7.  Seemingly, Windows was immediately hacked and linux hacked from there as Windows displayed an obscure message "353 updates of 353 completed" immediately after installing the antivirus with automatic updates turned off and before I had actually made any.  The hackers that work my computer usually show some sign of hacking after a new installation as if they want me to think resistance is futile.  As for motive, reconnecting the link to the article Pandora's Box may have been provocative to someone, but rather I suspect that someone did not want me to follow up on this article.  What do you think of the attempt to censor political free speech before an election?  For myself, I feel I am crying out from behind the iron curtain.  I may give a little time before I try to secure my computer again on the far chance that someone wants to investigate.

Happy Jackboots! 

Cameron Joseph, "Hillary Clinton to campaign in Virginia with McAuliffe," October 14, 2013, The Hill
2See article:  I Am an Island - Along with a few other captives

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