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Explosive Politics

I logically connect explosion near my house to Clinton politics

On June 13, 2015 about 6:30pm, I was watching television when a blast shook the house.  I pondered the odds that it was dry lightning then some kind of explosion and went outside to investigate.  At the end of the house, I found my parents looking about with fear in their faces.  At some point in conversing about it, Dad said it was the sound of dynamite.  He knew because some relative from the past was always blowing up tree stumps.

My adversaries had stirred up so much trouble for me that could suspect many, however, I took note that Hillary Clinton was rebooting her campaign on the same day with a speech to a small crowd in Roosevelt Park.  To that point her campaign had proceeded oddly, sneaking around, avoiding crowds.  Was she afraid that anything she said would have incriminated her of something?  It was as if a black cloud was hanging over her.  Perhaps it was, as I had prepared my book for publishing short of pushing the last button toward the beginning of the year.  I fought with  every sort of attack on my mind meant to stop me, to make me think of the consequences or retaliation that I might get if I followed through.  Did Hillary know?  Earlier, I had established to my own mind that I was spying for political reasons by or on behalf of Barack Obama.  If Hillary anticipated that I intended to publish my book without knowing or fully knowing its contents, any misspoken word in defense of an unknown disclosure that she feared I would make could have put her in legal jeopardy to her mind.  Many articles I had written about the Clintons could create such a fear.  Perhaps she could fear that I knew everything about then by spiritual means as well, especially if every think that I wrote about them stuck too close to some real guilt on their part.

Then it becomes reasonable that ruthless operatives would seen me an extortionate message meant to deter me from making any more disclosures much less the feared publishing of my book.

If you think all of this speculative, an email that I received on August 13, 2015 makes the analysis of motive much more concrete.2  The email titled "Chelsea Wants to See You!" invited me to attend a speech she was giving in Boston later in September.  Also consider another event suggestive but not proving this misconduct.  During a speech in Charleston, South Carolina to the NAACP on Friday, October 30, 2015, Hillary Clinton said:3,4

Earlier today, I announced that as president I will take steps to ban the box so former presidents won’t have to declare their criminal history at the very start of the hiring process.  That way they’ll have a chance to been seen as more than someone who has done time.

Of course she meant to say prisoners instead of presidents, however you have to wonder if her crimes or pending investigations of crimes had to be churning in her mind for her to make such a slip.

It it turns out that some non-political actor is blamed for this misdeed instead, it may not actually shift the real blame because I have observed repeatedly that some adversaries covertly set others against me when they think their interests are in jeopardy.  In particular, countless times when I published articles adverse to Obama or the Clintons, paradoxically persons of conservative belief would be set against me.

Now that my book is out (at least from my view), Hillary has come out of her shell.  Is she relieved that I largely only gave eyewitness testimony, detailed important events, and made logical deductions from them rather than declaring all of the hidden misdeeds they feared might be exposed.  Perhaps now, she has specific information by which to conduct a propaganda campaign to smear the truth!  At any rate the criminal audacity of current Democratic politics is almost too evil to bear.

1See articles:  I Am an Island, Clinton's Obsession, Where's Larry?, No Code, and Hard Ball.
2See article:  Smoke Signals.
3Daniel Bassali, "Hillary Clinton Says if Elected, ‘Former Presidents Won’t Have to Declare Criminal History’ When Looking for Work," November 4, 2015, The Washington Free Beacon,, link.
4Video of Hillary's gaffe,, link.

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