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Created April 18, 2017.  See Document History at end for details.

Smoking Gun

New evidence of witness tampering.

Occasionally I search the web with search phrases including my name in hopes that I may catch a crime committed against me.  On April 7, I got a Google result with the phrase "This site is relatively popular among users in the united states."
When I clicked the link I was redirected to a similar website analytics page.1  There, I found traffic statistics considerably different from my view of my website.

Daily Unique Visitors: 772
Monthly Unique Visitors: 23,160
Yearly Unique Visitors: 281,780

To compare my traffic report from March 1, 2016 to February 28, 2017 shows 55165 total visitors for an average of 4597 per month.  March 2017 instead is anomalous showing similar daily traffic as before with a large spike for two days driving a total for the month of 9240.  The screen shot below of my view of web statistics shows 13 months even though set for 12.  So the total I give is that seen minus the extra month of March 2017.


Given the discrepancy, who is lied to:  me or you?

Consider the possibilities:
  • An intercept.  The larger traffic numbers minus those I see represent  visitors that see an alternative website, a proxy which may delete censored content.
  • To deceive you.  My claims of censorship and low traffic particularly as reported in my article False Flag may require discrediting.
  • To deceive me:  Believing that my website was censored, I had all along considered that my view of my website traffic might be diminished in order to discourage me so that I would give up.  Therefore, I persisted anyway telling myself that I was reaching more people than I was allowed to know.
Which is more likely?  An intercept might be done in many ways, however the revelation by an AT&T whistle blower that the NSA had installed secret rooms in telephone company central offices with high-powered communications spy gear makes this a real possibility.2  Also telling is the fact that Nortel created a fully censored internet for China.3  As for the other two, I think that the ruthless would rather risk that I catch their duplicity than for the public at large to see it.

While holding evidence suggesting censorship, I face other apparent tampering.  After the election of Trump, I thought that my legal access would become unblocked.  However, after some time with no rescue, I decided to try contacting help from lawyers again.  The following are logs I made:

20170302Thu  lawyercontact  Sent package to The Rutherford Institute.
20170302Thu  lawyercontact  Sent package to Alliance Defending Freedom.
20170317Fri  journal  2:20pm  Denied USPS tracking service.  Operated correctly under private browser window.  Then verified denial of service under non-private browser window.  Selective denial of service?
20170317Fri  lawyercontact  Called Rutherford Institute.  Receptionist had me leave voice mail with lawyer.

All this resulted my not receiving any response from the attempted contact.  I think it likely that the two firms would be interesting in helping me and even if not would return a polite denial notice.  I think the denial of access to the Post Offices tracking service notable.  It would have required selective refusal based on identifying me from my browser interface.  Indeed from the way it operated it seemed the Post Office website itself would have to have been manipulated   This tampering then would increase the odds that the entire thing had been tampered.

Certainly those who intend to deny me justice indefinitely have a particular end in mind for me knowing that I am unemployed.

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3Greg Walton,“China’s Golden Shield: Corporations and the Development of Surveillance Technology in the People’s Republic of China,” October 2001, Rights and Democracy:

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