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January 12, 2010

Minority Tyranny


Democracy.  “We the people…”  Majority rule.  We have been taught that our republican form of government is more than rule by elected representatives.  Rather, if our leaders enforce our will, we have instead a representative democracy instead.  Is this really so?  Are our leaders implementing our values and enforcing our will?

I have addressed the subversion of the democracy by big money interests already.1  Some set aside our democracy for another concern.  They say that democracy is tyranny because majority groups will trump the concerns of minority interests.  In order to ensure minority rights, they reason that they must govern apart from the will of the people.  In the process, they presume against the good nature of a free people to treat others fairly.  This thinking gravitates to some kind of liberal totalitarism:  the elite governing for their own interests on the pretext of benevolence toward those considered less fortunate.

It is no wonder that those who seek such rule follow after charisma.  Their values actually call for a king.  Do you really want a king?  On the other hand those seeking fair representation conduct themselves more cautiously.  I have seen this effect in most every presidential election I have witnessed.

It is interesting that this kind of thinking is behind both Western socialism and what we call communism.  The comparison to communism may startle some.  Cold war propoganda has kept us from seeing that it is actually a very Western ideology.  Strangely, its original aims were very liberal.  Like Western liberals, they imagined themselves the advocates of the working class.  They wanted to grant them liberties.  They also rationalized that the common people were not able to govern themselves; that autocracy was a necessary expedient to what they thought were noble ends.  Instead of advancing their goals, they instead oppressed the very working class they sought to benefit.  Can America learn from history?

Where is all of this headed?  As America and the West become less democratic and former communist nations become more like them, man’s greed and quest for power might advance globalism in ways the average American would not like in the end.  A world government according to the pattern spoken against in the Bible is not at all unlikely.  Are you ready?

As an alternative, the promotion and spread of Christianity, with its values of kindness and love, could secure fairness toward others without the tyranny of those elites who have so labored to assimulate Christianity into its false postmodern utopia.

1Refer article Power Rules

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