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Travesty of Justice

The Malicious Prosecution of Bob McDonnell

When I posted an article in August of 2012 explaining why I believed covert interference with my access to the process of law had resulted in the tampering of local and state authorities, I expected law enforcement to contact me to ply me with many questions.1   I was left instead to wonder if I had stepped out way ahead of myself.

So many times had persons who wanted to communicate with me do so by insinuation, that I believed that some gag order left them with no other option.  So when Bob McDonnell put on a commercial only containing a lone out of context statement, I had to wonder.  While he only said, "I know everything,"  I thought it might be the only way the state of Virginia could reply to my article and perhaps to a legal brief that I had previously sent to the Virginia's Attorney General's office.  I wondered too, if he had been censored for pushing back at the Federal government for the alleged and ongoing tampering.  Perhaps he was naive not to realize that "knowing everything" about a matter subject to a ruthless cover-up especially to declare so publicly would line him up to be targeted for the most ruthless retaliation.  Then it comes as no surprise that his legal and political fortunes would soon take a bad turn.

Behind the scenes, other things began to align against Bob.  First, David Novak who had been appointed in 2009 to Eric Holder's Justice Department as the Chief of the Criminal Division for the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Virginia, was appointed to a position as a federal magistrate judge for the United States District Court in the same Eastern District of Virginia in 2012.  Although this occurred somewhat before my article, it is unlikely that my article marked the beginning of adversarial contact between the state of Virginia and the Obama Administration.  If an investigation of Bob began at this time, I is easy to think the Democrats were acting to rid themselves of a political and legal nuisance rather than to pursue justice.

Developing parallel to this and perhaps directly related also was the need for the Democrats to protect the Clintons in regard to guilt they held in relation to things that were building as well.2  Surely, Hillary Clinton put the idea into Obama's ear early of the benefit to the Democratic party and therefore to their common interests to protect the Clintons' interests.  Therefore even McAuliffe's first run for Virgina Governor was likely meant to advance the Clintons' interests.  When he run for the same office in 2013, rumors of Bob McDonnell's indictment surfaced as a manifestation of the sort of deliberate political leaks that are intended to skew an election.  In all, it would have only been a patient political maneuver had it not been for the next revelation.  Then when Larry Nichols confessed to be the Clintons' hitman on an internet talk show hosted by Pete Santilli on Sept. 24, 2013, the Clintons' patient manipulations became desperate instead.3  Indeed, the death threats against Pete Santilli and his associates that began on October 13, 2013 correspond to the emergence of the Clintons' to campaign vigorously for their operative Terry McAuliffe.

Some may ask:  what of the charges?  And I reply selective enforcement.  Those up on these issues already know that this administration administers the law in way partial to their own interests and against those that adversarial.  If you are not aware, I remind you that earlier this year Eric Holder advised liberal states' attorneys general to refrain from enforcing laws contrary to their ideology if it suited them.4  An act of sedition against state law and sovereignty as this is compatible with the idea that Bob McDonnell could be singled out for punishment just for taking an adversarial stand against this sort of mentality.  Then there is hypocrisy in the Democrats participating in and protecting crony conflicts of interests exceeding those alleged against Bob.  For one, I read an article that Diane Feinstein's husband was awarded a 3 billion dollar government contract.  And my head is still spinning from observing the innumerable acts of abuse of power by the Democrats that never seem to stop.  Whew!  Besides the morality of this proceeding is similar to prosecuting someone based on the disclosures of blackmailers.  The Democrats are the actual criminals in this affair.  Having deduced this much, I might also suspect that the donor of inappropriate funds and gifts had baited Bob for the Democrats if not for the fact that my limited view keeps me from seeing anything concrete to prove it.

Once having established probable cause that Bob McDonnell is being railroaded, it suitable to reexamine the declared motive for extensive gag order issued by the judge.  Judge Novak declared in conjunction with the gag orders:  "This case is going to be tried in the courtroom; it is not going to be tried in the media, The gamesmanship with the media ends now."5  Is it possible that silence is required because the matter cannot stand scrutiny?  Bob's political free speech rights may be vital to escaping the political trap set for him.  I don't know where my reputation or legal standing would be if I could not have had a voice through my website.  The first act of predators is always to isolate the prey so that they have no help to save them.

God save Bob from this peril!


July, 31 2014

After I wrote this article, I realized that Bob McDonnell's lawyers might not ever see it because of censorship.  So I wrote three of his lawyers on June 5, 2014 to ensure that they did.  I included a cover letter and a printout of this article and the supporting articles listed in the footnotes below.  I also include a self-addressed stamped envelop to ensure that I heard something back from them, because I have been unable as yet to get representation for myself under suspicion that my incoming communications are intercepted.  Now the trial has started, and I have not received a reply.  Odd perhaps considering that they would be expected to follow any possible lead, although on short notice there might be little time to investigate my allegations.  However, they could not know for sure unless they actually talked to me about additional details.  If it is possible that they tried to contact me and failed, they would not have the time to waste with me, and I might just be thought to be a crank.

Meanwhile news has surfaced that Johnny Williams has been given complete immunity of such a nature that is usually not granted.  They mention that this seems inappropriate.  However if you believe as I do that this is a malicious prosecution, another possibility comes to mind.  That a malicious witness needs more persuasion than others not to back out on a legally perilous maneuver.  If nothing else, this privilege shows an excessive zeal to prosecute Bob that would be difficult to attribute to other than political motives.

The ability of the our surveillance state to isolate and even to persecute its enemies without any visible props is a danger that is all too real.

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3See related article:  Where's Larry?
4Katie Pavlich, "Eric Holder To State Attorneys General: You Don't Have to Enforce Laws You Disagree With,", link
5Dean Hoffmeyer (AP), "Former Va. gov, wife released on own recognizance,"  January 24, 2014, link.

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