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Was Chris Stevens set up to die?

In medicine, an order to allow a patient to die is called a no code.  Historically, many corrupt leaders have dealt with their enemies by placing them in a situation where they were expected to die.  In another article, I explained how I deduced that Nortel blackmailed Clinton to keep their guilt at bay.1  However, that left me to the wolves, to die at the hands of anyone that blamed me for my adversaries' crimes.  This was in spite of the fact that the necessity of blackmail infers that there was knowledge of things exculpatory to me at some culpable place of power during that time.  I was expected to die.  Indeed, an elderly black man at work speculated that I would not live past the end of that year, 1994.

A continuing cause and effect observation on my part that collateral trouble arises when my more deep set adversaries feel their interests in jeopardy then plays into the isolation that tampering with my attempts to access the process of the law produces.  Is it a coincidence that this sets me up for harm?  The fact that this protects political and corporate criminals leaves one to think it not.

If they had done this to me, would they do it to others?  Having this thought recently lead me to examine whether Christopher Stevens had any relationship with the Clintons for which they might target him.  Then I found an article that reported that Andrea Mitchell of NBC at one point during the Benghazi scandal asserted that Christopher Stevens was a Republican and an enemy of the Clintons.  From this she drew the absurd conclusion that Stevens had sacrificed his own life to bring the Clintons down.  The summary sentence opening the article follows.

In a stunning development, NBC correspondent Andrea Mitchell has revealed that former ambassador to Libya, the late Christopher Stevens, was a Republican, and had a personal vendetta against Secretary of State Hillary Clinton so deep he was willing to die to embarrass her.2

To a thinking mind however other possibilities arise, especially if you believe that Larry Nichols confession that he was the Clintons' hit man makes the Clintons capable of setting Stevens up to be for a fall.  To logically analyze this assertion, it seems best to ask, and examine the answers to a few questions.

Was Stevens really a Republican as Andrea Mitchell says?  Joel Rubin is cited as saying of Chris Stevens

He was a career Foreign Service Officer and a former Peace Corps Volunteer, meaning that he lived his life promoting American values and ideas around the world. While I was a Democratic Senate staffer and Chris worked for a Republican member, it was clear that those values infused his every move. He wasn't partisan; he worked across the aisle; he was professional and kind. And above all, he was friendly. Friendly to me and friendly to my wife, alongside whom he worked. Everyone liked Chris.3

Do the facts of obvious negligence extend to suggest a more sinister motive.  Consider the following facts typically attributed to State Department negligence
  • The embassy compound was said to be lightly built, not appropriate for the needed security.
  • Stevens himself asked for additional security himself but was denied.
  • On the night of the attack, only a Libyan guard was positioned to protect the compound from the outside.  This was highly inappropriate because even friendly Muslims seem to sympathize with their radical counterparts.
  • Libyan President Mohamed Magariaf told Bob Schieffer of Face the Nation that the attacks were planned months in advance, perhaps something our own intelligence should have or did know themselves.
  • In a recently published book, special ops ready to go the rescue said they were told to stand down by a CIA officer.4
Are the Clintons capable of such a deed?  If you think not consider the following facts and allegations.
  • Extensive crimes documented in the Clinton Chronicles.
  • The large number of untimely deaths of persons who witnessed to Clinton crimes, often called the Clinton body count.
  • That the Clintons greatest regret was the way the Waco standoff turned out.  Janet Reno is alleged to have kept her position as attorney general for a second term by promising not to tell what really happened there.
  • Obstruction of due process under pressure of blackmail by Nortel for their crimes culminating April 30, 1994.
  • Larry Nichols's confession to be the Clintons' hitman.5
Is there a possible motive?  Although no one knows the Clintons' minds other than God, there was opportunity for motive.  Christopher Stevens entered government service in 1991.  In consequence, he might have held some knowledge incriminating to the Clintons in connection to their abuse of power or something supportive of such.  Also by coincidence, Chelsea Clinton was employed by NBC during the Benghazi attack.  This suggests that Andrea Mitchell's ludicrous rant could have originated from the Clintons themselves so as to have an adversarial relationship with Stevens directly from their own mouths.  Indeed, if you analyze Andrea Mitchell's statement that
... the late Christopher Stevens ... had a personal vendetta against Secretary of State Hillary Clinton so deep he was willing to die to embarrass her.2
as revealing Hillary's motive projected onto her adversary, it would be interpreted instead as
... the late Christopher Stevens ... had a personal vendetta against Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to embarrass her so deep that he had to die.6
Ordinary police procedure would rate the preceding as probable cause for a serious investigation.  Instead, why do such things usually get covered by political subterfuge?

I am only here to tell you these things because of many miracles of protection from God.  Chris Stevens was not so lucky.  O! for the audacity that they have:  to think you will elect them again!

1See related article:  Clinton's Obsession.
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5See related article:  Where's Larry?
6Projection is a well-established psychological concept where a person attributes their qualities, attitudes, motives, etc. to others; things that apply to themselves instead, especially if done subconsciously. 

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