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May 25, 2010

God Is Right

Only God is right.  A man can only be right to the extent that he agrees with God.  You might say that you can be right regarding something you can grasp with your senses.  God was right about these before you ever comprehended them.  Even then, some do not grasp some concrete truth due to lack of wisdom.  So many fail ultimately because their thoughts do not acknowlege God or His way.

So many things in faith require confession.  The Greek here is homologeo, literally same-say, that is to say the same.  This not the full extent of the meaning of this word, but is an important part of it.  To get saved, Christians agree with God concerning their sin and His redemptive work through His Son, Jesus.  Prayers to God must agree with His will in order to be answered.  I am not bypassing faith by saying these things, only faith must begin with such things to even have a foundation.  No clergy is right just because his has a position.  His rightness, ability to communicated God's mind, and his anointing depend on agreeing with God in these ways and others.

On agreement with God hinge the success or failure of many things in life.  Politicians fail repeatly to solve the basic problems of society because the inquity they seek to advance with one hand prevents them from exercising the wisdom of God with the other.  Take away from the middle and working classes and give to poor and let the benefactors go free.  The families of the poor are then destroyed by dependency, and those deprived are angry at the theft.  Because they are so wise (I am being sarcastic here.) only to support the children, would-be husbands are sent to the gutter, and they pimp those who would be their wives for the children who are keyed to their financial support.  Expensive housing projects are torn down because their builders did not consider that overcrowding exacerbates the very problems that these dwellings were meant to solve.  Why did they fail in these things?  Because they thought killing babies, easy divorce, promoting homosexuality, and other such to be the means to political expediency.  Even now, they are still trying to fix existing political failures with others!

The Church is not immune either.  I
n many ways, the devil has sought to have professing Christians replace His Word and Wisdom with their own rationalizations by some means.  Bible criticism is the greatest evil that has ever come in to the church.  Someone forgot that it is written, for whatsoever is not of faith is sin. (Rom 14:23b)  If you think this half of a verse is out of context, you missed the whole point!  If you have not yet read the Bible as if every word is true, search the scriptures now!  It is that important!

Neither will religion give an answer in these things.  Men are religious because they were created to have a relationship with God.  It is no surprise then that the uninformed search for God has produced many religions.  This search is commendable.  However, there is a difference between an experimental religion produced by such a search and the truth God has once and for all revealed in the Bible.  Consider Jesus's unique claim:  Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. (John 14:6)

This country does not need more unwise laws, new corrupt political parties, or bankrupt ideologies.  We need to agree with God and give His Son and His Wisdom their rightful place.

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