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Where's Larry?

Larry Nichols has been silent since he confessed to be the Clintons' hit man

The Facts

On Sept. 24, 2013, Larry Nichols confessed to be the Clintons' hitman on an internet talk show hosted by Pete Santilli.  Here is the transcript that I wrote from the youtube video.1  (This kind of strong language makes me cringe, however repeating it seemed a necessary incident to communicating the truth)

Larry Nichols:  I have actually beat up women and beat up husbands to protect the ClintonsÖ  Its one of those things that you've got to know.  Not only have I killed people for 'em, Iíve put 'em in jail.

Pete Santilli:  Youíve never paid a penalty per se because you've always been protected: because that's what the Clintons do, is to protect persons like yourself.  They send people like you to do their dirty work, don't they?

Larry Nichols:  But now letís call a spade a spade.  May I.  Iíve been all over the world, all over the world killing people for this country, some deservedly, some not. Didnít matter to me. Just what I was paid to do... When Ronald Reagan sent me to Nicaragua, when Ronald Reagan sent me to El Salvador, I did it for God and country.  Just like you would have done if they would have called you.

Pete Santilli:  At the the time you were doing it for the Clintons, did you do it patriotically, for the common good?

Larry Nichols:  I didnít give a sh't. Some of these people, like Wayne DuMond, needed to be dealt with. So I went to the jail, cut his n'ts off, put them in a jar, put formaldehyde in 'em and left it there.

Pete Santilli:  What motivated you at that time in your life to do their dirty work?

Larry Nichols:  Just money, just money...  One minute I was doing something for our government, next minute I was doing something for Clinton. What difference was it?

Pete Santilli:  How did they present these tasks to you that you were performing?

Larry Nichols:  I was F2'ed, I was F2'ed.  Whenever I got an F2 call, that meant go in and kill. State police are not trained to kill.  In that dayÖ alright this is the late í70s, early í80s. There were no SWAT teams, alright, there weren'tÖ. When I got an F2 call, that meant go in and kill a guy. I didnít give a sh't.  When it came to Reagan as Michael Reagan put in his book Making Waves, I'm the most honest person he ever met, and his dad spoke highly of me.  When it came from the president, it was for God and country. When it came from Clinton, hell, I didnít give a damn. I just go kill somebody, cut their n'ts off.

Pete Santilli:  And you knew you were going to be paid for your work?

Larry Nichols:  Or theyíd piss me off.  Or theyíd piss me off and they didnít want to piss me off.

Pete Santilli:  In the beginning you were afraid of them weren't you.  They were coming after you.  They turned against you at a certain point.  You had to defend yourself, didn't you?

Larry Nichols:  I had to because I didnít have a support group. The media werenít going to cover it, so if I died, theyíd just pour alcohol over me and say I was drunk and crashed on the side of the road.

Pete Santilli:   What has kept you alive yourself even despite how they normally take out their adversaries?

Larry Nichols:  Iím a Green Beret. Iím trained.  I'm trained to go into countries where the whole country chases you.  I mean, Iím skilled - you know that - in staying alive.  And we've got one rule: Kill 'em back first. So they want to send people...  So if they send people to me, Iíll just kill 'em back first.  I donít ask questions.  I deal with it.


My first impression was to think the caller an impostor, a voice actor hired by the Clintons or their allies to discredit Larry and his Clinton Chronicles in advance of pursuing their political ambitions.  Politics have become that treacherous.  After listening however, who knows.  Who better to declare the Clintons' crimes than the one hired to perform many of them?

Once such a confession has been made, something should have come of it.  If things were just, Larry greatly increased the Clintons' legal jeopardy.  There was no national news of his arrest, something he surely calculated to be a risk.  If he were left to his own resources he could be in considerable jeopardy.  Consider this blog posted on June 15, 1996 while the Clinton Chronicles was going around.2

Mike Reagan had on Larry Nichols today. Larry said he's very scared. A
man named Larry Case has been following Nichols around for the past
month and called up Nichols last night and said "you're a dead man."

Michael Reagan revealed that he has had a private detective friend in
Arkansas watching Larry Nichols' back, and this P.I. verified Nichols
account... The P.I. said he followed Case as Case followed Nichols and
has video and photos of Case doing this.

In case you are not aware, Larry Case was a part of Betsy Wright's
Bimbo Squad, threatening people into silence.

So is Slick Willie turning the screws on Nichols now that the heat is
on him? Is this the Arkansas Machine's last pitiful attempt at
intimidation? Stay tuned.

Pete Santilli, too, suddenly become a man who "knew too much" after this conversation.  Indeed Bruce Montalvo, a friend of Pete, posted the following on a blog.3

He came under attack starting a month ago on October 13, 2013 and the attack still continues.  It has resulted in death threats against himself, his family and close associates, including other alternative media personalities.

Less is certain about the remainder that is said about this attack.  Liberals Ė including the Anonymous hacking group Ė claim to have intercepted a fax Pete sent to the FBI on October 28, 2013.  He complained that he had been hacked and that threats had been made against his life.  He was worried whether or when his unnamed harassers would come after him or his family.  The liberals publishing this perhaps misunderstood this communication as a result of reading their own agenda into it, as they pronounced him discredited as a FBI informant.  Pete's friend Bruce says this fax is a lie manufactured to destroy his friend's reputation.  In reality, the most dangerous thing that had recently come into Pete's life was Larry's confession.  Perhaps the rest is subterfuge.

All this makes voting in America seem to be a blood sport.  Can you really stand four or eight more years of rule by the Clintons or by anyone else like them.  God forbid!

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