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America's most censored book is here!


Unseen Enemy

An Eyewitness Account of the Betrayal of America

Authored by Stegall

A chance encounter with persons associated with espionage activities make me a target of ongoing covert operations. In the course of doing so, my adversaries stir a maelstrom of trouble seemingly significant to the course of prophecy and to the future of the nation.  The truth is stranger than fiction.  Very strange!

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Testimony of Tyranny

Testimony of Tyranny

Testimony of Tyranny

God Disclaims Responsibility for Abnormal Weather

Proof of Censorship

Proof of Censorship

Proof of Censorship


Copyright © 2009 through 2016 by Wayne Stegall

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Circuits or calculations should not be breadboarded until they are proven by SPICE simulation.  Even then breadboard and test a prototype before committing to a final circuit.  Unproven circuits or ideas are for mental stimulation only.  Note also that mistakes usually go unnoticed until I find and fix them; therefore I recommend letting ideas sit for a while before considering them complete.  For this same reason I try to provide proofs where reasonable or possible so that the user of an idea can verify it before use.

First Things


  • Scale Analysis Program  November 25, 2017.  Program determines chords supported by input scale.  Updated.November 26, 2017.  Added override for flats and sharps.  Updated November 29, 2017.  Modify program to retain selected scale in Input Dialog on reentry and a Clear button to clear it.