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Mapping the Guitar Fingerboard

Authored by Wayne Stegall

Mapping the Guitar Fingerboard is a unique and concise guide to learning the fingerboard of the guitar. Regular practice will produce instant recall of every note on the guitar fingerboard in all locations of occurrence. No claim is made of trivial learning ease, all worthwhile endeavors require work. Instead, I assert instead that the study material presented is efficient. more....

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Unseen Enemy

An Eyewitness Account of the Betrayal of America

Authored by Wayne Stegall

A chance encounter with persons associated with espionage activities make me a target of ongoing covert operations. In the course of doing so, my adversaries stir a maelstrom of trouble seemingly significant to the course of prophecy and to the future of the nation.  The truth is stranger than fiction.  Very strange!

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Testimony of Tyranny

Testimony of Tyranny

Testimony of Tyranny

God Disclaims Responsibility for Abnormal Weather

Proof of Censorship

Proof of Censorship

Proof of Censorship


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Circuits or calculations should not be breadboarded until they are proven by SPICE simulation.  Even then breadboard and test a prototype before committing to a final circuit.  Unproven circuits or ideas are for mental stimulation only.  Note also that mistakes usually go unnoticed until I find and fix them; therefore I recommend letting ideas sit for a while before considering them complete.  For this same reason I try to provide proofs where reasonable or possible so that the user of an idea can verify it before use.


  • My Favorite Source Component  November 3, 2017.
  • Custom Intonation  .December 20, 2017  A tale of giving my guitar a custom intonation adjustment.
  • Mapping the Guitar Fingerboard  December 27, 2017.  How to learn all of the notes on your guitar's fingerboard.
  • Straight Intonation  March 15, 2018.  Calculate the approximate intonation error of an intonation with a straight nut and saddle.
  • Memorization  April 2, 2018.  A scientific method to memorize your music (or anything else).
  • Guitar Shape July 24, 2018.  Mathematical modeling of guitar shape leads to modeling program.  Updated August 21, 2018.  Added additional coefficients a3 and a5 to program to add more versatility (i.e. to emulate more possible steel-string shapes).  Added a soundhole plot.  Updated November 28, 2018.  Program version 1.2.0.  Added fingerboard, data, and side length displays..  Internal changes increase resolution of shape plot and reliability of program.  Updated December 5, 2018. .Program version 1.3.0.  Extended horizontal guitar outline for improved appearance.  Added neck joiin fret override for fixed calculation.  Now can activate fingerboard from Soundhole dialog.  Made corrections to figure titles.  Updated December 5, 2018.  Program version 1.3.1.  Added more input validation and error checking to Soundhole dialog.  Updated January 10, 2019.  Program version 1.4.0  Added graphic help for coefficients.
  • Spanish Music Theory  February 22, 2020.  What underlies the Spanish sound?  Updated February 22, 2020..  Added minor improvements.  Changed term subdominant to predominant to indicate function rather than a specific chord.  Updated October 12, 2020  Added more chords to chord tables and a new section on Harmonic Theory.


  • Scale Analysis Program  November 25, 2017.  Program determines chords supported by input scale.  Updated.November 26, 2017.  Added override for flats and sharps.  Updated November 29, 2017.  Modify program to retain selected scale in Input Dialog on reentry and a Clear button to clear it.