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Plot to destroy me in 1994 raises questions concerning Clinton's involvement

Testimony of Cabal

In 1982, I had the following revelation:

By the Spirit, I saw men spying on me whose aim it was to establish a one-world government. By means of witchcraft, they set violence against me destroying my hometown of Durham, as I knew it.

At that time I wondered, because I knew only of witches in fiction such as Grimm's Fairy Tales.  Then the matter went to the back of my mind only to resurface later when I was deducing the meaning of all that had happened.  It is reasonable to think that witchcraft activities would be difficult to discover.  However the following sequence of observations seem to validate the truth.
  • In the Fall of 1990, my life was plunged into darkness presumably to prevent me from being able tell Federal authorities who had been roaming the town what Nortel had done.
  • Citibank issued me a credit card with 666 embedded in the number approximately 1991 or 1992.
  • Toward the end of the summer of 1993, I received a letter from Europe.  The man was selling a book on manipulating people and circumstances.  Presuming it to be a solicitation to sorcery or witchcraft, I threw it away.  Later when I was researching my book, I deduced that this man was a billionaire.  Only a connection with globalism would be necessary for him to completely resemble the actors in my revelation and the powerfully rich are generally considered to all be associated this way with a few exceptions.  Then one would wonder if this was a setup.  If I had fallen for the scheme while preyed on by hostile Nortel spies, my difficulties would have been multiplied many orders of magnitude.  Then if it later seems that espionage and witchcraft are rampant perhaps they eventually succeeded after all.
  • When in December of 1993 told my grandma about Nortel's spying on me and talked of suing, watching enemies decided that I must be disposed of.
  • After that I discovered some of those that were stalking me by calling out them from my bedroom to meet me in a specified manner.  When they did, I knew who they were and perhaps they thought themselves now in trouble.
  • Meanwhile, it seemed that people and events were manipulated by witchcraft.  Any tendency to dismiss this idea for the reasonableness of ordinary circumstance was set aside when a coworker seemed to blurt out against his will something inciting trouble against himself in my presence and that of another coworker.  Also someone else sent a threatening email with my account to someone with an anger button which I had to defuse when I discovered it.  Trouble was escalating.
  • On April 14, 1994, psychological warfare came in the form of cars tearing up and down the road only while I was alone, only to stop when others were with me.  This was to meant to provoke me to say something to others to discredit myself.  I should have known that this meant that they were setting me up for a fall.  While this was underway, I received the following scripture as a warning against espionage:

    Furthermore, in your bedchamber do not curse a king, and in your sleeping rooms do not curse a rich man, for a bird of the heavens will carry the sound, and the winged creature will make the matter known. (Eccl 10:20 NAS)

    Do you suppose the Clinton or someone else in a high place knew what was happening but allowed it to proceed?  I think it likely given the extent to which the NSA spies on everything of interest outside of the fourth amendment that someone high up knew well before the police what was transpiring especially considering that it was evident that I was targeted because of malicious spying.
  • On returning from Sanford on April 30, 1994, a line cars backed up from Pittsboro back to Durham signaled a whole lot of trouble.  I later read in an internet article that the Durham police had called in the FBI to deal with the situation that this represented.
  • The shooting of a silenced pistol with an associated bird noise during the night of April 30, 1994, then followed up with the same bird noise later in spots on television sought my silence to the crimes against me and my complicity to accept my scapegoating.
  • On May 5, 1994 my adversaries betrayed their involvement in this deed and their motive.  They did this by bringing children into my presence and having them say "You will not sue, will you?" repeatedly.  Certainly this infers they spied me speak of suing back in December of the previous year and carried that concern through the whole process.
  • Simultaneously, a television advertisement sold a book called "Cheque Mate."  Any suspicion that adversaries had arranged an insinuation that they had succeeded in their plot greatly increased when I later discovered that those who created the book and its promotion went to South America and disappeared.

Clinton's relationship with globalists

Near the end of his term as president, Bill Clinton would create suspicion of his own involvement when he granted a pardon to the billionaire that contacted me in 1993.  Also when you think of it many of the misdeeds were done so out in the open as to require the complicity of someone in charge.  This given, it would be informative to examine the degree of Clinton's involvement in globalism.  Consider the following facts:
  • The Rhodes scholarship granted to Clinton creates a superficial impression of a connection.
  • Larry Nichols said that he was asked by some rich men to meet with Clinton and examine his personality and  behavior to determine whether he could be groomed to attain the Arkansas governorship.
  • Clinton's attendance at the 1991 Bilderburgers meeting shows additional involvement.
  • The 60 Minutes interview that saved Clinton's primary campaign in 1992 could be the same sort of help that purposed to make him governor of Arkansas.
On this basis it is reasonable to infer that Clinton's promotion through various political offices was to place him as a operative representing some very powerful people.  Then favors would be required if the group's schemes ran into trouble.  Enormous trouble indeed!

Of course this is only a summary of a very complicated interaction of events involving multiple actors; you would have to read my book for a more complete understanding..

Utterly ruthless!

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