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Smoke and Mirrors

Perhaps like me, you have heard lies on the media.  A liberal pundit recenty said that all of those who voted for Obama were Democrats. Surely, he did not forget that Independents and others who had voted for Bush previously swung to vote for Obama.  He relied instead on a common sophistry meant to persuade the undecided to join the "winning side," a tactic presuming the naivete of the hearer.

Not all lies are spoken.  Consider what CNN did to Rand Paul on May 20, 2010.  They took a quirky picture of him and stretched it horizontally.  I picked up right off when I saw the picture that something was amiss.  I think they showed a related stretched video of him as well.  We were not supposed to notice right out, rather subconsciously he was supposed to be discredited by association with our memories of Mad Magazine.  The HTML source does not show alteration of the proportions of the picture, rather that the picture file was named art.jpg gives away their deceit.  Consider the proof below:

Rand Paul altered to appear a candidate for Mad Magazine
Rand in his normal proportions

The real Rand

This is not an endorsement of a candidate.  It is just that this is not fair.  Do you remember the comment made about his father when he debated in the Republican debate leading up to the election of 2008.  They said, "Who is Ron Paul?" in a manner sarcastically implying that he was not qualified to run for President.  Anyone not approved by the big money regime must be kept out of politics after all!  Do you believe the elite have a right to manipulate the outcome of an election by means not available to us, the masses of ordinary voters?

This is not an isolated incident either.  During last year, a political advertisement mailed out by the Democratic candidate for the Virginia Legislature in our area showed a picture of his opponent that made him appear a hobo, not the well groomed candidate that a picture of his own choosing would show.  Recently, when Israel was reviled for boarding boats headed for Gaza, which they did for fear of terrorists and of the possibly that their means of terror were onboard, the media altered pictures of badly wounded Israeli soldiers to hide the wounds inflicted on them by the passengers.  It is politically incorrect to side with Israel in light of oil, they have to appear the villains.

Certainly this is unfair to the persons misrepresented.  Worst of all, this is unfair to the voting public.  When we would need to be informed of issues, those in control would rather dish us lies.  Furthermore, this is an insult to our intelligence.  They presume the power advantage after all, and we are presumed too occupied with our own lives or an illusion of democracy to catch on.

All of this begs the question: Will they sacrifice Eddie Long on Samhein?

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