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Patrons and Patriots

Recently, I heard Barack Obama say it was unpatriotic to oppose his agenda.  However -ot words seem to be derived from the word zealot.  Thus a bigot would have originally described a person zealous for their own ego for example, a trait liberals are far from exempt from.  Then patriot immediately appears to have originally meant zeal for the fathers.  Of course this term then could only be used to describe those who are conservative, as conservatism has to do with the preservation of long-held principles that have been found to be true, wise, logical, and practical.  Those who want to supplant conservative principles in the efforts to radicalize society are not zealous for the fathers but rather for unproven, unwise ideas that the fathers would have never endorsed.

They could be patrons however.

The entire entitlement mentality is based on the idea that some are deficient compared to others and cannot compete on an equal basis with those considered more advantaged.  Thus the patrons have to intervene on their behalf.  Then after their entitlement constituency becomes entrapped by social programs, the patrons low valuation of their ability is validated, keeping patrons and those patronized locked in a system that does not free the entitled from whatever binds them.  It is not surprising then that another conflict of interest arises.  Largely, all of these elite believe in evolution.  Eventually evolution comes to an elitist conclusion:  Which race is most evolutionarily advanced?  I leave it to your imagination how this lines up those patronized to be inferior to those patronizing them.  Indeed, if these radicals were true in their kindness, evolution would not continue with them as an acceptable ideology.  This discrepancy is not surprising however, because there is an unholy alliance here of those who were at one time genuinely wronged with sin-activists who were willing to patronize the the cause of the former in order to convert a tide of change to sinful ends and to the harm of America.

If some would deny that sin-activism was working in this way, a famous incident in 1968 showed otherwise.  A political debate leading up to the Presidential election featured famous conservative William F. Buckley advocating Republican interests pitted against Gore Vidal who advocated the Democratic position on behalf of Hubert Humphrey.  Somehow the debate took an angry turn and in the exchange Buckley called Vidal a queer.  When this incident appeared in the national news itself, they kept the open secret that Gore Vidal actually was a homosexual in favor of allowing the public to believe that this was only an outburst of political anger.  Outside of that stage, writer  Gore Vidal wrote profanely in support of every sort of immorality and his gay lifestyle was no secret among those sympathetic to him.  In view of the its normally eager use of controversy to boost ratings, the silence of the media on Vidal's homosexuality seems odd.  Apparently, Vidal had the complicity of his media allies to continue his agenda with the help of their cover.  The praise heaped on Vidal a few years ago on the occasion of his death revealed just how many allies he really had.  Shameful!

A more patriotic idea

As the foundation of conservatism in America, bible-believing Christianity has a better idea.  All men are created in the image of God.

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.  (Genesis 1:27)

For this reason the Founding Fathers declared the same conviction in the Declaration of Independence:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

For patriots who hold these values, the expectation that able-bodied persons should work if they can rather than rely on social programs is an expression of faith that those patronized are indeed capable of competing fairly on a level playing field.  In contrast, the patrons need to prop their unsustainable system on the perpetuation of an appearance of inequality.  What a sham!  It is also ironic that this correct view of oppressor and liberator has a parallel.  Republican Abraham Lincoln was the one who liberated slaves from a elite Democratic land-holding establishment.  It is amazing how propaganda can obscure the truth!

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