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Pinned Down

Or my experience with FloydFest

July 27, 2016

On Wednesday afternoon after earlier fascination with a Craigslist Philadelphia posting calling for 700 actors to fill seats at the Democratic National Convention, a buzz of witchcraft started, something which the Holy Spirit signaled to be the start of some sort of treachery.  I had read previously in some teaching that the first moments of an attack were crucial.  That you should not panic or do anything rash but rather wait for the treachery to reveal itself.  Soon the house was buzzed by a jet causing me to think that I was now targeted to prevent nearby festival goers from discovering what was being done to me.

I had noticed previously, only in a slight way that the setup in my house was different from that outside to give some advantage to the latter but I did not attribute its full significance.  Still there was some motive to be outside at times to get away from it.  Psychological warfare was not new.  I had discovered Nortel playing soft siren noises over their PA system in 1994 after the FBI said they would be using psychological warfare against difficult criminals, but these things were on another and more subtle level.

Early Thursday evening, when storms abated, I went outside.  Then psychological warfare that toyed with my mind ceased, outside was quiet apart from the distant playing of bands although festival parking was only a few blocks away.  Going back inside the same resumed as if something like microwave hearing operated only in the house.  Now  I had to put down any emotional response to my experience and analyze everything strictly logically.  Attempts to prevent the scam from attributing others' evil to me brought brief occult retaliation of some kind.

At some point on Thursday night, I had to watch some of Hillary's speech because I considered their show the main event to my sideshow.  After I had had enough of the monotone, I was quite bored with being pinned down so I decided to engage in a little humor.  As a result I watched a little of the 1996 movie Mars Attacks! on youtube because the aliens' "Ack, Ack, Ack" seemed to summarize the portion of the speech that I had just watched.  Then an impulse to look at Dilbert revealed his concern that he would be executed for breaching national security, something that would never hinder the Clintons in any way.

At bedtime, psychological warfare dropped a word that might incite some, then fierce witchcrafts began.

July 30, 2016

On Saturday starting at 7:15pm at the end of walking the dog, 2 quick gunshots from approximately SW began a flurry of gunshots from every direction and continued for 30 minutes.  By this time it would be difficult to tell whether this was covert activity or something set against me by what had gone before.

I have to endure all of this while an unsold book leaves me isolated on another line.  Only just recently did I receive the proceeds from one sale.  Because I think you want to read the book and can't, I think the one sale went to a privileged character.  Really, I am only left to wonder.  Anyway perhaps it went to  someone who have would have initiated legal proceedings if they encountered a blocked sale.  Perhaps it went to the enemy for unknown strategic purposes.  It would not seem unreasonable to me for anyone to report a blocked sale to the police unless a legal notice prevents them.  Even then the lack of a disclaimer that legal advice is allowed would mark such as just some kind of censor hack.

I go outside now to find the quiet.

Beware the Watchers!

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