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Slave Rule

Under three things the earth quakes, And under four, it cannot bear up:  Under a slave when he becomes king, ... (Proverbs 30:21-22 NAS)

What would a slave do if he became king?  Get even, turn the tables, advantage all the adversaries of the former king, alter the kingdom so the previous rulers cannot regain power?  I see the Obama regime doing all of these things and more.

You might say how so?  Generally, his administration has used power of lawsuit to make all the powers of the nation afraid to resist his cultural revolution.  He stacked the Federal courts with his radicals whenever appointments were to be made.  He did this unfettered by any Republican resistance because Harry Reid's illegal Senate rule change robbed them of any input.  A great number of his ideological allies are violating any sense of fairness in combating their conservative adversaries, censoring and wronging them wherever they can as if they all expect him to prevent any prosecution of their misdeeds.  And for good reason:  his legal operatives seemingly will not prosecute or allow the prosecution of anyone on his side at all.  In contrast, malicious prosecution of his adversaries seem unfair game.

I the race area particularly, Eric Holder prosecuted alleged discrimination cases on the merits of demographic statistics rather than the facts of individual merit.  Thus any hiring quota systems that businesses may have implemented for fear of prosecution on the individual merits of unfair hiring in the past has now become actual quota requirements directly from the Federal government.  Urban sympathizers look to persecute the police for conflicts created by criminals.  In contrast, his administration gives a pep talk to the Ferguson protesters in advance of Michael Brown's father's statement, "Burn it down!" and the ensuing riot.  I have seen no legal action against this incitement.

It seems majority groups generally are setup to be overrun by their adversaries.  So bible-believing Christianity is setup for persecution by the Homosexual Agenda and agenda advanced by the recent nationwide legalization of gay-marriage after these sort of activists have said that Christians should not be involved in politics.  It is not surprising either that a gay Federal judge has said that Christian free speech has to be curtailed to spare the feelings of homosexuals and others. (Do you suppose he was appointed under the illegal Senate rule change?)  Even now other anti-christian groups are prepared to step up their efforts to deny Christians their rights.  The Solicitor General is recently quoted as saying that it is time to go after Christian schools to eliminate their tax-exempt status.

Whatever happened to fair play?  Like most Christians, I believe that everyone should be treated fairly.  However, doing partiality and abuse of power and calling it fairness is something else altogether.

You might counter that domestic revenge not quite the shaking of the earth.  However, you have to remember that Obama was taught under a Black Liberation Theology that supports revolution everywhere.  Consider that Jeremiah Wright supported Hamas and that the founder of the movement - James Cone - said.

The point that I would like to impress upon every Afro-American leader is that there is no kind of action in this country ever going to bear fruit unless that action is tied in with the overall international (class) struggle.

Thus you see fires burning everywhere under Obama's influence.  Nationally, whites and blacks are more at odds against one another than ever.  Scandals related to the abuse of power of his administration are everywhere.  His support of the overthrow of Muslim leaders in the Arab Spring has destabilized the middle east, contributing to the rise of ISIL.  Ahead of Independence Day, the FBI had to scurry about desperately to contain terrorist threats even while Obama is allegedly pushing for the immigration of more Muslims to America, this time Syrian refugees.  A public declaration of a complete unwillingness to go to war if necessary only calculated to please voters has emboldened bully nations of the world.  Now we await the beginning of Jade Helm 15 on July 15, a military operation deemed some kind of exercise but involving an enormous military build up in the states that were obtained from Mexico at the conclusion of the Mexican-American War.  There is much speculation on the internet because people fear something bad is going on.  It is most likely that threats from Russia that it would arm Mexico against America for Reconquista as retaliation for meddling in Russia's East European activities and the presence of Chinese troops in Mexico one encampment allegedly 90 miles south of Laredo, TX pose some kind of actual or psychological threat.  Thus the exercise is meant to deter any possibility of such a threat.  Because any conflict that might arise would put Obama's immigration policy in a very bad light, this matter may remain a complete secret apart from being called just an exercise so long as nothing comes of it.

Who is going to stop this political arson?  Who is going to put out these fires?

1James H. Cone, Black Theology and Black Power, 1997, p. xiii.
2See related article:  Strange Ideas.

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