Proof of Censorship

March and May 1999 – I received two magazine issues with their ads marked like this.  I had just been browsing through a bargain book that I bought entitled, “How to Write and Sell Your First Novel.”  Someone was afraid of even the remote possibility of the writing of my memoir.


June 18, 2007 - While I worked in Microsoft Word, Office Assistant gave this cryptic advice.

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March 12, 2008 – On this day, while I was printing out a copy of my manuscript, Office Assistant showed himself even more witty.  I soon found the copy of my book proposal that I submitted with an internet manuscript service corrupted with garbage characters.  Click to view the writing sample involved.  You can verify the corruption of the text while reading an interesting portion of my story.


Link to the current and correct writing sample corresponding to the one corrupted on the manuscript service server

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Testimony of Censorship

After the calamity of  April/May 1994, it was insinuated to me in a clear context that I would made an island.  Surely, they would allow no one to discover the truth or that I was being setup to be a scapegoat.  Aside from what ever else they did, they worked the phone system to prevent unwanted phone contact with me.  During times that they had considerable fear of such contact, my phone would have a long delay in opening the voice channel after I answered the phone.  When the channel opened, I would hear the other party already well into their opening dialog.  Presumably, this would allow time to use caller identification to decide whether to allow the call.  I noticed this first in 1995 after I had received many curiosity calls from strangers.  I noticed it again in January 2006 for unknown reasons.  If they wanted, they could block calls from many numbers of concern with ordinary call blocking software during calmer times.  Even though these things are not clear proof, other clear violations of my phone service give weight to this belief.