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Shutdown Gambit

According to NPR, a liberal source favorable to the president, Obama submitted a budget proposal for 2014 due from him by law by February 2013 two months late.  According to their report he did so as a deliberate political maneuver.  Apparently he wanted to see what the two houses of Congress would write instead in order to craft his own strategy.1  On this note alone, Republicans could not become culpable for a shutdown until as much time had elapsed after the deadline as Obama had deliberately delayed the process on the front end.

If this showdown began with an Obama maneuver, what are the odds that the shutdown itself is his artifice as well.  I think it odd that a Presidential order to shut down the government could be the House's fault.  Personal and corporate budgets do not immediately implode at the first moment of cessation of income.  Usually some money in surplus allows time to continue operation until some means can be made to correct the problem.  If by chance they were operating on a deficit basis, a shutdown might would be forced even before an arbitrary deadline.  This makes Obama's precisely timed shutdown order a discretionary action, one calculated to gain political ground against his adversaries.

Some might argue that the objection to Obamacare is unreasonable.  However, there is much support among ordinary people for those with courage to stand against Obamacare.  Those people and their representatives have a right to have their views addressed without some machination to tamper with legislative process to push through an unpopular agenda.  If Obama had instead postponed the shutdown until the funds were actually gone, there would have been time for some expression of this voter sentiment, not to mention the two months stolen for intrigue at the beginning of the process.

Any doubts about this being a Democratic political ruse should be quelled by many disclosures of abuse of power by this political machine during its reign.  First Obama declares the coal industry will go bankrupt as a result of policies he will pursue.  His actual words in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle on Jan 17, 2008 are:

"So, if somebody wants to build a coal fired plant they can. It's just that it will bankrupt them because they are going to be charged a huge sum for all that - ah - greenhouse gas that's being emitted."2

Then his EPA appointee declares intent to go after corporations just to make an example of them.3  What about IRS harassment of conservative and Tea Party political groups meant to silence the voices of opposing blocks of voters during the 2012 election cycle.  Most recently,  homosexuals appointed to power in the Air Force by Obama are now openly and brazenly persecuting Christian officers and soldiers.4  Many other examples are perhaps too numerous to mention.

Then there is the matter of the character of liberal politics.  Alignment with sin-activism removes character from liberal politics.  Certainly, the actual sin-activists in politics have no restraint of conscience to prevent them from doing any evil to advance their aims.  Having said this, Obama's agenda to queer America and his support of abortion – especially the particular form of partial-birth abortion which is undeniable infanticide – lines him up among these.  Obama's complicated religious background perhaps allows him conscience to deal dirty politics as well.  I do not question, like some, his conversion to liberal Christianity.  But he was a formerly a Muslim and the form of Christianity he joined would not compel him to give up all of his prior Muslim beliefs.  It is not implausible that he could hold a Muslim view of getting even with his adversaries.  The possibility that his faith could mingle liberal Christianity and Islam is suggested by the pattern of behavior of his fellow churchgoer Oprah Winfrey.  I don't think it passed anyone's notice that Oprah has promoted New Age spirituality for many years while claiming to be a Christian.  So too, any Muslim behavior on Obama's part would not be any real suprise.

In sum, Obama's long-term strategy is not fair play.  Instead he appears to want to damage the reputation of conservative politics badly enough to ensure that his brand of liberalism can continue unopposed long into the future, a future with no place for historical America or its values.  If you hold those who stand against this evil to be heroes, consider that those who haven't are a tribute to the fear the ruthless liberal propaganda machine can generate.

Finally, this is not a time to give way to the enemies of historical America because those who trust God have his help.

... but the people who know their God will display strength and take action. (Daniel 11:32 NASB)

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